Which safe is right for me?

November 10th, 2008

The protection of our valuables and goods is a normal function of everyday life. As to what degree of security is what often crosses our minds.  We can get concerned about our valuables like jewelery, gold and cash which we may like to keep at home. We have the need to protect them from robbery, fire, accidents and many unforeseen mishaps.

The need for a secure place to keep shtuff emerged out of all these concerns.

Safes have gained a lot in popularity and are widely used at shops, offices and homes. Safes are broadly classified into three main types as mentioned below.

1. Burglary Safes– this type of safe offers protection against theft. Burglary safes are made up of hard solid metal walls and provided with heavy doors, resistant to cutting, drilling and prying. This type of strong material gives protection against any attempt to break in to the safes. However Burglary safes are normally not adequately fire resistant.

2. Fireproof Safes they are usually made of thin double metal walls which are filled with fire resistant insulating material which makes it unique from other safes and very effective in protecting valuables from fire. Since they are specifically designed to protect valuables against fire, they offer the minimum level of security from theft and other risks.

3. Fire and Burglary Safes– they are effective in providing protection both against fire and theft and have multi purpose use. They are designed like a burglary safe which have secondary walls containing fire resistant insulating material.

Seek expert advise.  Start at your local locksmith but don’t stop there. See a great selection of Safes here.

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