What is a B Rated Safe

June 14th, 2011

B-Rated Safe

The term B-rated comes from the 1890’s during the western expansion in the rail road. Insurance companies at the time wanted a standard they could depend on. So the term B-rated was invented. (It is important to point out that this term is non regulated and there is nobody to slap the hand of someone that uses it but doesn’t meet the old standard).

B rated is based on how a safe is built. Door  must be 1/2 inch thick steel. Body must be 1/4 inch thick steel and it must have a Group II lock on it. 

That being said several manufacturers are using less than 1/2 thick steel on the door..but only by a little. Where the body they use much less than 1/4 steel more like 1/8 inch steel or even less than that. Brands to be cautious of are American Security (Amsec) and Mesa.  Because they have gone with a thought process of the 2×4 wood studs are no longer real 2×4 inches but are less. So if its okay to do that with 2×4’s then we can do it on brated safes.

Gardall, Hayman, and Hollon are some the industry pilars and hold true to the old fashion B-rated. Check out our B-rated cash safes.

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