Wall safes offer extra protection for your valuables

January 28th, 2009

Wall Safes

Statistics show that burglars actually spend very little time in a home or business they are burglarizing.  They want to get in and out quickly.  So wall safes make sense – a burglar may not even have time enough to find it, much less open it.  You can conceal a wall safe behind a picture or wall hanging, or in the back of a closet behind your clothes.  Chances are the thief is going to take the things that are out in the open and not take the time to find it.

Wall safes are available with flanges for mounting to studs, to make installation easy.  You might also consider having one concreted in place for the height of security.  They are available with in small, medium and large sizes.  They are also available with a choice of locking mechanisms – mechanical, electronic keypad and biometric.  The mechanical type uses a typical combination dial to open the safe.  The electronic keypad type uses a keypad on which the user enters a PIN number to open the safe.  And for the most security available, a biometric safe uses a fingerprint scanner to grant access.  There’s never been a better time to invest in a wall safe for added security for your valuables.

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