Wall Safe WS-DIY & WS-DIYe

May 21st, 2008

ws-diy-x.jpgWall Safe model WS-DIY is from Fire Fyter Safes. WS-DIYe is the same safe but with an electronic keypad. This is one of the few 1 hour fireproof wall safes on the market.  This first thing you will notice about it is that it has a much deeper depth.  Better find a really good place for it with a lot of available depth. I does come with a good set of instructions on how to install it.

This wall safe comes with mounting brackets and an adjustable shelf.  Mounts flush and is easy to hide with a picture or wall hanging of your choice.

I often get questions regarding if a dial or keypad is better.  Well, there are two points of view.  I have copied a paper from Valuesafes that covers this very well.

Electronic Keypad VS Dial Combinations

Why an electronic keypad?
Convience is the main reason for selecting a LaGard electronic keypad. If you are opening the safe several times a day, this is well worth the money. I have found that if someone doesn’t like the process of dialing the combination then they will quit putting things inside the safe. Thus defeating the purpose of having a safe.Many people ask “Which is a better lock, a dial or an electronic keypad?” Good Question. I have found through experience in safe cracking that both are VERY difficult. Electronic keypads have a 4 consecutive invalid code “lockdown”. This makes the keypad inoperable for 5 minutes. After the end of 5 minutes you get two more tries or it goes back into lockdown for another 5 minutes. Thus virtually eliminating random entry of the code.

“What if the battery goes dead?” There is a battery door compartment on the outside of the keypad. Just open the door and change the 9volt battery. The computer chip maintains the combo at all times and will not default because of no battery.

Here is something else that many don’t consider, changing the code on the keypad. It’s easy and can be done when ever the current code has been compromised. Your safe will come with instructions on how to do this but I have included some general notes below.

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