Wall Safe SW-1214c

May 14th, 2008

sw-1214c.jpgThe Wall Safe model SW-1214c is good model. Easy to install and hide. Depth is larger than 2×4 stud wall.  So find a deeper spot than normal to install it.  This is not a high security wall safe.  Only the Group II combination lock keeps this safe closed.  It will hold up okay in an attack but not as good as one that is secured with several bolts. See the picture above to see how the locks bolt keeps the door closed. While you are looking at the picture, you will see two holes in the side. That is where you will send two screws through to attach to the studs in the wall. (If it were me, I will drill a third hole in the center so I would have three screws in each stud for extra security)

 This safe is not fireproof.  It is designed to keep your shtuff hidden and out of the hands of thieves.  So find a good hidding place for this safe. Don’t forget your attic, there are many spaces in the attic to attach a wall safe too. I have never heard a home owner complain that a thief took ANYTHING from an attic. It is very inconvient, which makes it a good hiding spot for your wall safe.

  • Hidden hinges
  • (1) Removable shelf
  • 9″ x 9″ door clearance
  • 3/8″ solid steel door
  • 1/16″ solid steel body
  • S & G Group II combination lock

You can purchase this wall safe and other Wall Safes from our friends at ValueSafes.  Feel free to leave your commits or questions here on www.safesblog.com

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