Wall Safe Fire Fyter FF-33

May 20th, 2008

Wall Safe model FF-33 is one of the least expensive wall safes on the market today. Made in the USA.  (really!)

 Quick  and easy to install. Comes with instructions.  Fast opening key lock. Cam style.  Below are the specs from the manufacturer website.  But lets point out that its NOT a high security wall safe.  It does take advantage of what every security measure that a wall safe offers.  Its hidden, nobody can find it.  And that is the best security for any safe in your home or office.

There is a down side.  If a thief was to find it AND the had a crow bar, it wouldn’t take them long to break into the wall safe.  However, that someone finds a wall safe is not very common. Put someplace where you can hide it and cover it up.  This is the best protection.  Overall qualilty is very good for a wall safe of this price range. 

The wall safe itself is not fireproof. If you need a fireproof wall safe see the WS-DIY.

  • Double Thick 1/8″ Steel Door
  • Heavy Duty Pick and Punch Resistant Key Lock
  • Mounts between Standard Wall or Floor Studs on 16″ Centers
  • Anti-Pry Steel Door
  • easily Hidden Behind Picture or Mirror

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