Wall Safe EW-02

May 13th, 2008

 Wall Safes model EW-02is built a lot stronger than other wall safes that are priced under the $100. price range. This is one of the better models in its price range!

  Hidden hinges

  • (1) Removable shelf
  • (2) 7/8″ chrome plated active locking bolts
  • (2) 6 number combination digital lock
  • High security dimple key which retracts the bolts




  • (2) 7/8″ solid steel chrome plated bolts
  • 9″ x 6 3/4″ door clearance
  • 3/8″ solid steel door
  • 1/16″ solid steel body
  • Non-volatile memory

Based on the thickness of the bolts at 7/8 inch…which might as well be a 1 inch bolt in my opinion.  You have the makings for a high security wall safe.  Except without the drill resistant hardplate.  Which for my experience with safes in general, I have NEVER seen a safe attacked with a drill!  I have seen every tool under the sun PLUS metal mop buckets, broom handles, and chairs used on safes. (This should give you an idea of the desperation of a thief and the endurance of safes).

I really like this safe model and its big brother the EW-03for an extremly well built wall safein its price range.  Be careful of the depth. Its deeper than the standard wall that is 2×4.  So this one will need a special place.  

Another thing to point out is that I would like to see added to this safe is more mounting holes on the left and right side of the wall safe.  You can add these real quick by just drilling extra holes with a standard drill and bit.  If you will take the time to add these and then use these holes.  This wall safe will be very tightly fastened to the wall studs.  I also prefer screws. 

If you are in a new construction building that uses metal studs be sure to use a “self taping screw” available from any hardware store.  Also use a washer or lock washer on the inside of the safe for best security.  So if your wall safe doesn’t come with three holes just add them.

Over all I give this safe a thumbs up for construction and protection against theft.  There is no fire rating in this model.  You can purchase this model from ValueSafes on their wall safes section.

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