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May 2nd, 2008

 Below is a conversation I had via email regarding Safes in general. There are a bunch of used safes on the market of differing qualities. If you have one, great. If you looking to buy one. Consult a locksmith about the lock and quality of safe. Many safes have been imported from various countries made of materials,fireproofing mainly, that don’t last for more than 20 years. A good way to tell if the fireproof material is starting to disintigrate is looking for a chalk like dust inside the safe or around the door.

If you see some, don’t buy it. The safe interior wall is crumbling and will NOT protect your stuff from a fire like it should.

 TED: I have a double door General Fireproofing Company Safe.  It is
about 60″ talls, 45″ wide and 30″ deep.  It works and I know the
combination.  It is an All Steel Safe, Class B and the Serial # is 46583.
>THe inside is setup for office papers ; however it appears easy to gut for
other purposes.
>How can I find out what it’s value is?

Value Safes:I’m not familiar with the model or brand. Finding someone that wants that
size without fireproof will difficult. Its worth some money.  But I have two
collectors safes from the 1890’s and NOBODY wants them. Not even on Ebay! So
just having something doesn’t mean someone wants to buy it. Suggest retail?
I would be thrilled if I were you to get several hundred dollars. But the
hard part will be finding the customer.
Dan:I thought this may be the case – I would be better off cleaning it up and
stripping the insides out for storing of my best coffees and cigars.

Have a great weekend.

Written by zack

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