Use a wall safe to protect your documents and other valuables

January 23rd, 2009

Wall safe

A wall safe is a safe that is mounted in a wall and usually hidden behind something such as a picture or wall hanging.  They get most of their security from the fact that they are hidden – a thief can’t break into something that they don’t know is  there.  They are usually mounted to studs in the wall, but for even more protection consider having one concreted in place.  A wall safe with a good burglary rating encased in concrete is about as secure as you can get.  Wall safes are available in a variety of sizes – think about what you need to store  in the safe to determine what size you will need.

Consider getting a wall safe that also carries a fireproof rating – this will protect your documents and delicate valuables from the effects of a fire, including protection from damage by the water used to put the fire out.  Choose an unobtrusive location for your wall safe and hide it behind something that doesn’t look out of place.  Statistics show that the average time spent by a burglar in your home is only 8 minutes, so they’re likely to concentrate on objects that  are in plain site.  So why not purchase a little peace of mind today by buying a wall safe?

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