Two Hour Fire & Burglary Hollon FB-685E Safe

April 29th, 2010

Two Hour Fire & Burlary Hollon FB-685E Safe

This Hollon Fire & Burglary Safe, the FB-685E, is top of the line, in my opinion, for a 2 hour fire proof home safe.  It is made of a composite mixture material that makes the safe harder to break into and provides a better fire protection than some of your other materials in other safes, such as Sentry.  The re-locker   on this safe provides you an extra layer of protection in case you have a burglar come in and start beating on it with a hammer.  The best thing about this safe other than the quality is the price.  I couldn’t ask for a better price and expect to get something as good.  The best part yet, it is on sale which gives you that much more of a reason to give in to your desire for this fire safe.  You won’t be disappointed.

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