TL 30 Hayman Fireproof Safe model MV30-3020

April 25th, 2008

MV30-3020 TL 30 Safe is number 3 in the line up of TL 30 safes. 1 1/2 hour fireproof UL listed and tested Safe.  Size is the only variable between this model and the others.  It is important to note that you should read my other postings on the safes in this line up.  I will try not to repeat my self much in this blog. (My wife wishes that was the same around the shop and at home! I do love her!) At this size, this big thing is getting heavy!  You will need a moving crew or VERY heavy duty handtruck to move it.  I suggest ramps and elevators.  Forget the stairs unless you are using a crew. BUT, and this is a big but.  Check out the quality of the steps.   Remember the steps will need to support the weight of the safe, which is just over 1000lbs, plus the weight of movers.  Normally 3-4 guys. Which will be around 1600lbs – 1800lbs on your stair case.  If the stairs are in a new home and made of wood.  I would get an expert opion before I toted this thing up them.  The last thing you want is the TL-30 Safe to damage or break the stairs.  Concrete steps are ok.  Steel steps…hmmm…get another opinion.  Most of the time a good moving crew can be a good judge.  But be carefull. 

Valuesafes normally has these on sale with free shipping included. But I know they will not take it inside at the prices quoted on their website.  Just down to the ground and either back or front door.  My suggestion is get them to send it to a local moving company. Then have the moving company bring it to the house and place it inside. If you don’t want to man handle this beast yourself.  Oh, some locksmiths in many cities specialize in safe moving and installing.  They even have equipement that would climb stairs with a safe like this.  Really, its called a “stair climber” and its a motorized handtruck.  Works great but not every locksmith has made the investment to purchase one of these. 

I was speaking with Gary Hayman of Hayman Safes the other day and he was laminting the price of steel.  It keeps going up.  Especially with the devaluation of the American Dollar.  So if you are thinking about purchasing a safe. TL 30 or any other model. Do it soon. Inflation, fuel for shipping, as well as other factors are only going to increase the price of safes over the long run. Speaking of over the long run.  A TL30 is normally kept for a lifetime.  Passed on to future generations.  You will not find any used TL30 Safes on the market. Or at least I never have.  Another factor in this is your chain Jewelry stores when they need a Jewelry Safe just purchase a TL15 safe.  So once in a blue moon you can find one of those used.  But not very often or in very good condition.  Rarely fireproof as they just guard jewelry and no paperwork.  Always replace the lock with a brand new unit when you get a used TL rated safe.  Because you don’t know if it was having problems before.  Even intermitantly.  The last thing you want to do is have a locked up TL 30 on your hands.  Other than that.  Stay with an American based manufacturer of TL rated safes when it comes to service work, you will be very glad you did.

Below are some of the great features of this TL 30 Fireproof Safe:

  • Composite Construction – 6″ Thick Door – 2″ Thick Body
  • 1 1/2 Hour Manufacturer Fire Label
  • 2″ Bolts
  • Solid, continuous dead bolt bar for complete locking of the hinge side
  • Large heavy duty hinges with bearing plate for smooth operation
  • 1/2″ thick hardplate impregnated with ball bearings
  • 2 relocking devices for protection during drill & punch attacks
  • Adjustable shelves (yes, you can get extra shelves)
  • Mounting holes provided
  • 2nd lock option
  • Intumescent door seal (the seal swells up to 8 times its normal thickness at high temperatures).

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