TL 30 Fireproof Safe Model MV30-4120

April 27th, 2008

TL 30 Safe 1 1/2 hour rated Fireproof Safes model MV30-4120 from Hayman Safes.  As I write this passage, I am reminded of just how well built a safe this unit is!  Top of the line in TL 30 rated Safes.   But before I jump in let me explain the how the model number works. “MV” stands for Magna Vault, which is Hayman’s model series name.  Such as Eldorado would belong to Cadillac.  “30” stands for TL 30 and then “41” stands for the interior height of the safe. (Pay attention to exterior…it is larger) Then the last number is “20” which is the width of the model in the interior of the safe.  Thus we get MV30-4120 kinda cool huh?  Always nice to know what you are looking at and hopefully you will find it helpfull in your search for safes.  As a side note, most manufactures do something like this with their model numbers but some stand for outside deminsions and some for inside.

Back to the safe, which is also know as a vault.  This of course is the next to the largest model of TL 30 that Hayman makes.  Though they can get much larger if you special order…its just a little more pricey.  The unit is built the same as their other TL30 Vault models with internal ball bearings between layers of hardplate as well as other unmentionalbles.  Great protection for any kind of jewelry or cash.  I think its important to point out at this time what a TL30x6 is.  That is a TL30 on all sides of the safe.  Where the door on this model is rated TL30 only.  Now, just because a TL30 is not TL30 on all sides of the safe doesn’t mean that ANYONE in the right mind can break into it.  They can’t.  Its just on x6 they make the walls ALL like 4 inches thick.  Instead of 2 inches on the walls and the door being only 6 inches thick. 

Personally, I know of very few locksmiths that will even work on a TL30 (read know how to work on a TL30) Much less, I have never even heard of a thief getting into a TL30.  (This is the stuff locksmiths talk about at the annual ALOA convention…intresting for locksmiths but my wifes eyes roll back into her head as we talk shop)  So you can rest easy that you schtuff is secure in any of the Hayman Safe models rated as TL30.

Its important to point out that this TL30 has a weight of almost 1400 lbs.  You are getting to the top of the weight limit (which 1500 lbs) for most liftgates on trucks and readily avialable moving equipment.  After this size, you better want to recieve the safe and never have it moved again.  Because it will become costly to do so.  Riggers must be called in as well as a team of Brutus like men to move it.  If you are in a high rise and need to take it up an elevator. Check the weight limit on the elevator. I have actually had safes returned because they were too heavy to go up the elevator! Ouch, that was an expensive mistake!

Don’t forget to bolt this unit down.  Even if it weighs over 1000 lbs.  Remeber, bolt down is the last layer of protection.  In your layers of security.  Oh, wait. Many people will also add a door alarm contact to the safe door and include it as a constant “alarmed” zone on thier system.  So they must deactivate the zone everytime they want inside.  Which is an other “layer of security”.  

This unit is top of the line in quality.  For more information on Hayman safes please read our other blogs on this subject.

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