TL-15 Safes for High Security

July 25th, 2008

TL-15 safe is especially designed to give the protection against attacks and break-in attempts of mechanical and electrical hand tools. Tl-15 safes are tested in good manner and are much more successfully entry for a solid 15 minutes of attack time; Tl-15 safes are professionally armed with electrical and mechanical hand tools. Tl-15 safes also been awarded for Safe Burglary. Tl-15 safes means the safe which can stand against burglary attempt by a safe using hand held burglar tools such as drills hammers, and screwdrivers plus sophisticated tools that locksmiths and safe crakers use.  The Tl-15 safes are one of the safes, which constructed to resist burglar tool attempts. A fire and Burglars resistant safe gives you the great line of defense against theft and fire. Tl-15 safes are rated burglary-resistant safes which meets specific weight, material, lock, and wall thickness. Tl-15 safes ratings are also based on the time and tools it takes a safe expert to break into the safe. indicates how many times continuous minutes are tested safe model withstood an attack.

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