The Importance of Using a Drop Safe for Your Business

August 13th, 2012

No business owners want to really think about the chances of a robbery, and they definitely do not want to consider the problem of employee theft, but these things do happen. A great way to reduce your danger, and increase the safety of both your money and your employees, is to invest in a drop safe.

A drop safe is a small safe that can easily be placed under your registers, so that employees can quickly and discreetly secure money once the balance in their register becomes dangerously high. These safes are especially useful to have if your business sees a large amount of cash flow throughout the day. You business, and your employees, will be much safer if there are not extremely large sums of cash in their tills.

These secure containers have an opening just large enough for the employee to slip funds into, but no items can easily be taken back out. You might be thinking that thieves would simply bring devices to fish the money out of the openings, but drop safe brands such as Protex, Hollon, and Mutual, are equipped with a baffled edge that stops this from happening. The inside of the opening looks a bit like layers of sharks teeth, which makes it impossible to fish the funds out of the safe once they are deposited.

Drop safes are extremely secure devices, perfect for protecting large sums of money throughout the business day, but if you want to protect your cash overnight, you should consider investing in a larger depository safe. These safes are similar to the drop safes, but are reinforced with a drill resistant hard plate, and provide the maximum amount of protection to keep your money safe even overnight. Regardless of how much you trust your employees, or feel safe in your community, you should certainly have at least one of these two kinds of safes to make sure your hard earned profits are protected.

Too many business owners wait until after a substantial amount of their cash is stolen before they think of building up their safety precautions. It is much wiser to go ahead and secure your money, rather than wait to do so in the wake of an incident. You can give you, and your staff, a great peace of mind by simply installing a drop safe and removing the potential for danger.


Written by Amarillo

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