The importance of fire safes.

October 30th, 2008

Fire Safes are made for several levels of protection that include theft and/or damage for important documents and other valuable items for your business or  home. There are many safes available for different uses. When looking at fire safes there are several types of safe which have the ultimate property of fire resistance. Fire safes are specially designed to protect your precious items like documents, money, ornaments, etc. Fire safes are made of hollow sheet metal (of various thickness) that is filled with fire resistant insulation. This insulation can be “wet fill” or “dry fill”. A wet fill insulation is a cement based insulation. While a dry fill is a sheet rock type insulation. But if I were to use the term cement or sheet rock around the manufacturers they would get upset because there is much more involved. I use those terms so we can have a conversation here.

Fire safes are very beneficial for businesses because these organisations store valuable archives. The loss of such documents due to fire or theft will have an adverse effect on the business. As they say “prevention is better than cure” Hence it is always better to keep such important documents in safes.

Safes are considered a long term investment as there is no need to replace them for years. Hardly any maintenance is required for enjoying the benefits of fire safes.

To buy a fire safe consider both its internal and external dimensions. The size and space of the safes plays a significant role. The safe should have the interior space to store valuable and it should also fit into its designated space. Also consider if you are wanting to keep data or paper. They are destroyed at different temps. 

While fire safes are built to resist fire under almost all circumstances hence they can be stored anywhere in the office or at home. But be warned if you are in California wildfire zone. YOU MUST GET A 2 HOUR FIRE RATED SAFE.  Anything else and you run a risk of going home to nothing.

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