Why Depository Safes Are a Must for Small Business Owners

As a small business, every little bit helps. Every little bit of business, new customers, new relationships, new ways to save money, new ways to cut costs, and new ways to protect your business helps. Something that might not affect a larger company, can directly impact a small business – especially when money is involved.


As a company whose mission is to help our customers protect their belongings, we know how important it is to find solutions that will help you keep your business safe and working at capacity. This includes the way you store your money, make bank runs and protect the ultimate investment – your business.


One solution we find to be great for cash-heavy businesses like hair salons, nail salons, small coffee shops and small restaurants and bars, are drop and depository safes. These safes allow you to have employees to stash cash in a safe place throughout the day, so you don’t have too much in your drawer at one time. While you can leave these safes overnight, we always recommend making deposits at the end of the day, or using additional security to store your money overnight.


Outfitted with lock bolts for security, drop and depository safes feature a slot opening to insert cash, checks and envelopes into. With several options to choose from, we offer a variety of safes to meet the needs of all different types of businesses.


Have a question about the best type of drop and depository safe for your business? Give us a call toll free at (877) 629-6214 or send an email to sam@valuesafes.com.



Why Choose a Wall Safe?

There are many advantages to choosing a wall safe over a floor safe. For one, the wall safe is usually at eye level, which means that you are spared from bending or crouching work the combination or access the contents. Another benefit of a wall safe is that they are easily concealed. If you have enough room to install a wall safe so that the door lays flat against the wall, then you can cover it with artwork or furniture. If a home invader cannot see the safe, then he or she cannot attempt to open it.

Benefits of a Wall Safe

There is a certain romance to a wall safe, since these seem to be prominently featured in movies and television shows. They are definitely a good idea, because they are easily hidden from view by furniture or artwork, and a thief won’t attempt to crack a safe that he or she never sees. These wall safes can offer many different security features, according to your specific needs. You can find fireproof models, safes that specifically protect digital media, or gun safes. Consider your needs in a safe before making your purchase. The best bet is to combine as many security features into one safe as you can, such as a fireproof safe that also protects against theft.

Article on Safes

Great Article on Safes.

Just wanted to take some time to point out a good article on safes.  It was published on http://ezinearticles.com/?Now-is-the-Time-to-Purchase-Safes&id=4331120 Anyway, it points out some really good points about safes and security. It is written to talk to the person that is hesitating about getting a safe in our current economic climate.  Its a good read.

Safes and other articles can also be found here and when needed I will point to others that have been also full of information.

Choosing a Wall Safe

No doubt, there is something kind of sexy about a wall safe. They bring to mind Thomas Crown and James Bond. Aside from the cool factor, though, these safes have some other benefits. For one thing, they’re easily concealed, so anyone that doesn’t know to look for one will surely never find it. Secondly, these wall safes are at a pretty convenient height. There is no bending over or crouching down to retrieve articles or work the combination. Lastly, they come with many different security features, so you can purchase a wall safe that is specifically for fireproofing, digital media, or firearms.

Advantages to Having a Wall Safe

There is something very mysterious about a wall safe, and it probably has to do with the way that they are featured so romantically in movies and television shows. Aside from the cool factor, though, there are several reasons to consider a wall safe. First of all, they are easily concealed. If a thief doesn’t know it’s there, he doesn’t even know to look for it. These wall safes can save a lot of space, too, by staying out of your floor. They’re usually at eye level, too, which means that there is no bending to access the contents.

Hayman Safe MV15-2618 TL 15 Fireproof Safes

TL-15 High Security Jewelery safe.  TL 15 safes are normally found in jewelry stores, coin dealers, and check cashing stores.  You insurance company may insist on the purchase of one of these safes if want to get a rider policy for home jewelery as well.  Very important to chat with your insurance company to find if it is a money saving purchase.

In regards to TL 15 safes, they are the more common of TL rated safes.  You can find one used every once in a great while.  Best place to check is your local locksmith.  If he has a used one, make sure he puts on a new lock before you take delivery of it.

Speaking of locks.  TL-15 safes are almost always equipped with an S&G Dial or you can upgrade to a “radiation attack resistant keypad”….which is really any battery operated keypad.  This option for radiation proof is too keep someone from using x-ray equip,ent from trying to break into your safe.  Personally I have never heard of anyone doing this…But there is always someone that “knew of someone, that knows someone, that read someplace, that this could happen. Go figure.  The unit is equipped with spring loaded relockers and drill resistant hardplate hidden with the safe.

The hardplate cannot be drilled through, only melted.  Limiting the amount of time a thief would want to spend in front of it.  It normally takes me around 30 mins to get my equipment set up and the safe prepped before I can even start working on a TL Rated safe.  Note that the door is 5 inches thick and body is two inches think.  Most thieves when they see a safe like this just go past it and try for easier pickings.

Fireproof Safe of 1 1/2 hours UL listed and rated.  This is important.  Often times a UL fire label of 1 1/2 hours is better fire protection than a “factory tested 2 hours”.  (Sounds odd I know but let me explain) UL is a non-biased testing center based here in the US.  While a factory test is done in the factory in China or Korea.  They have a vested intrest in the safe being fire rated for longer.  I have heard of some factory tested safes that were tested for two hours BUT UL only says they are one hour! That should make you stop and think a while about what you are buying.  Please note that while I am on the subject of quality.  Buy from American Manufacturers not from overseas makers of TL rated safes.  Because TL15 rated safes are hard enough to work on WITH help from an American company.  I have seen too many people purchase an affordable overseas safe just to have the import company close down and leave zero information or help when it comes to servicing your safe.  The safe ends up locked up and being expensive to get into and then its normally ruin and unrepairable.

This is why I have chosen to sell only Hayman Safes.  Gary Hayman is the 2nd generation of designer and manufacturer of safes in the Hayman family.  They are available with support and service and have been for decades!  The reason I’m telling you this is because the MV15-2016 is designed to last a lifetime.  Sure it may need some repair or adjustment from a locksmith years from now.  But this is really made to pass down to the grandkids.

One last thing, this model is made with two predrilled bolt down holes.  So that it can be attached to the foundation.  Most safes only come with one.  But this one will be twice as secure so rest easy with one of these.  You can see one of these Magna Vaults at www.valuesafesinc.com or just follow this link to go to the right page: SAFES

Outside Dimensions
Height: 24″
Width: 19 3/4″
Depth: 19 1/2″
Inside Dimensions
Height: 20″
Width: 15 3/4″
Depth: 12 1/2″
610 lbs.
  • Composite Construction – 5″ Thick Door – 2″ Thick Body
  • 1 1/2 Hour Manufacturer Fire Label
  • 1 1/2″ Bolts
  • Full Length hinge side locking bar
  • Dual Re-locks
  • Drill resistive hard plate
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Mounting holes provided


American Security Warehouse

While I’m on the idea of security.  You will often hear me discuss “layers of security”.  Safes are always your final layer of security.  But don’t forget about the other layers. Such as Personal Security Products from www.AmericanSecurityWarehouse.com.  They carry a huge assortment of Stun Guns, Tasers, StunMaster Stun Guns, Mace, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms, Diversion Safes, Spy & Surveillance, and a lot of other really great stuff such as Voice Changers and Telephone Recorders.

To really dig into the “Layer” called “personal security protection.”  Check out the blog www.ScreamforSecurity.com.  Its new so its not filled with a bunch of rambling idiots talking about human growth hormones or some other junk.  Its just personal security. Don’t forget to check back here for information on security cameras and systems.

But before I stop let me give you pause to think about Stun Guns and Tasers.  They really are a very important feature in personal weapons.  It levels the playing field when it comes to size and strength.  Its also the most humane way to deal with an attacker.  Yes, an attacker!  It happens all across this country of ours.  Every day someone is molested, robbed, rapped, and the list goes on!  Very sad and very real threats.

Often after a home owner or shop keeper shoots a robber and kills him with a gun.  You don’t have the TV cameras rolling.  Just the police and morgue to clean up the mess.  Its not until weeks later that the guilt sets in.  Like a dark cloud that follows the person just trying to protect their property.  Yes, he was in the right in killing the attacker.  It was him or his family that may have been dead if the guy was not shot.  But like most of us, we have never felt the feelings that come afterwards.  And its most of us are willing to do whatever is nessesary to protect our families and life.  Don’t get caught in this downward spiral of death.

Now you don’t have too.  Get a stun gun.  They are very affordable and easy to use.  American Security Warehouse even has free shipping available.  Keep one in your purse, glove compartment, boat, and even your SAFE!