Stronger Safes for More Valuable Belongings

The TRTL-30×6 safe is built with compressed concrete that encased within magnesium steel hard plates. The TRTL tells you that the safe will resist torches and hand tools, while the 30 tells you that the safe is resistant to these tools for at least thirty minutes. The 6 in the rating means that all six sides of the safe contain the same amount of security. These safes are excellent choices for households that have large and extremely valuable belonging, such as fur coats or family heirlooms. These safes are also fireproof up to 1750 degrees for two hours. There is not a better safe for home use.

Safe Classifications Made Easy

You should be aware of the classification on any safe that you plan to purchase. The classification will tell you just how secure your new safe can be. The letters in the classification tell you what types of tools the safe is protected against. TL refers to hand tools, TRTL refers to hand tools and torches, and TXTL means that the safe is protected again hand tools, torches, and explosives. TL-15 indicates that it will take up to fifteen minutes to break in using hand tools, while a TRTL-30 will resist tools and torches for thirty minutes. The TXTL-60 is one of the highest classifications available.