Protect Valuable Jewelry

For a large collection of precious metals and jewelry, you would be wise to invest in a home safe. It is recommended that you choose a safe that has at least a TL-15 rating, which means that your belongings will be protected for at least fifteen minutes from thieves that attempt to break in with hand tools. There are stronger models, however, and you would do well to consider the safes that protect against torches, as well. These safes can offer ratings that include protection from explosives, too, for up to an hour. Consider the necessary amount of security before making a purchase.

Don’t Assume You Don’t Need a Safe

Even if you think you live in a quiet and safe neighborhood, you are still at risk for a home invasion or a house fire. Studies show that a burglary occurs every fifteen seconds in the United States, with over two million home invasions occurring last year. With those statistics in mind, you can hardly argue the fact that you should have somewhere safe to keep your valuable belongings, as well as your important documents. Even the lowest rated safe, the TL-15, can keep your belongings protected against hand tools for up to fifteen minutes. Since most thieves spend less than five minutes inside, you can rest a bit easier.