TL-15 Jewelry Safe: GV-1912

Are you in the market for a new jewelry safe for your home or office? Consider the TL-15 Jewelry Safe model GV-1912 from Value Safes. Here are some of the great figures on this safe:

jewelry safe



·         Massive 2″ thick door, 5 1/4″ overall

·         Active 1 1/4″ chromed locking bolts

·         Tempered glass re-locker

·         Chrome-plated die cast handle

·         Adjustable shelves

·         Stainless fascia plates



Feel safe with your jewels and gems protected in this safe.  There is also 2 hour fire protection as well.  As far as the interior of the safe, there is 1.6 cubic feet to utilize for storage.


A safe can do more than just protect what is inside.  It gives you the opportunity to organize your jewelry as well.  This way you know where each and every piece is at all times.  This is a much safer method than storing your jewelry on top of dressers, in sock drawers or in unlocked jewelry boxes by your mirror.  You don’t have to worry about losing your precious jewels.


One of the most important factors in choosing a safe is looking at its weight.  At 640lbs TL-15 Jewelry Safe model GV-1912, it will be easily protected from burglars as well.


When considering the right safe for your home or office, keep in mind the TL-15 Jewelry Safe model GV-1912 from Value Safes.  It has great protection from fires, burglars and it is top notch when it stands against many other similar models of jewelry safes.

Protect Valuable Jewelry

For a large collection of precious metals and jewelry, you would be wise to invest in a home safe. It is recommended that you choose a safe that has at least a TL-15 rating, which means that your belongings will be protected for at least fifteen minutes from thieves that attempt to break in with hand tools. There are stronger models, however, and you would do well to consider the safes that protect against torches, as well. These safes can offer ratings that include protection from explosives, too, for up to an hour. Consider the necessary amount of security before making a purchase.

TL 15 Safe, Hayman Model MV15-4120

TL 15 Safes can come fireproof or non fireproofHayman Safe model MV15-4120 comes with a 1 1/2 hour fireproof  UL rating.  Excellant quality, craftsmanship, and design in this unit.  In my opinion, if you are going to spend this kind of money on a TL 15 safe, you should get the fireproof rated model. 

I recieved a call a number of years ago from a large chain jewelry company wanting to sell me their 4 large TL 15 safes that had no fireproof material.  I declined to purchase them because it would take years to sell them at that size with no fireproofing.  They called me back one month later and PAID me to haul them off!  Of course I kept them in the back of the shop but only sold 1 over the next couple of years.  One was given away to charity and then I sold the shop.  I think they are still there!  So you never know what your plans are for your safe and its worth buying a high quality, high security safe that will hold its value like a Hayman Safe.  I have a waiting list for people that want a used one…that should tell you something.

The weight on this model is almost 1300 lbs.  So this is about as big as can be easily moved by moving companies and shippers.  Pay close attention if you live in a high rise building about the weight your elevator can handle.  Remember that it must take a pallet jack.  Best to speak with your building maintance before you order.  Stair steps are the next thing to keep in mind.  Wooden stair cases will not be able to handle this weight as well as the equipment and men it will take to get it up the steps.  Often times in large cities you will have to hire a “rigger” that will use a series of ropes and pulleys from the outside of the building. 

Now that I have worried about the weight of the safe and moving it. Lets talk about a couple of the features this comes with.  Double remote relockers, to keep a professional thief out.  Most safes have either no relocker or a single relocker. To read more about relockers take a look at my article on “Does my Safe need a Relocker?” 

Bolt size is 1 1/2 inches each and instead of bolts on the hinge side you get a “Full length locking Bar” which gives total coverage of steel on the hinge side.  Where a bolt gives only a single contact on the side it comes out.  Don’t get me wrong, both are extremely secure.  Its just that a little bit better design idea than that of bolts. But better design and quality is what Hayman Safe is all about.

Safe comes with twin mounting holes in the bottom to bolt it down to a foundation.  It sounds hard to do but it will only take about 5 minutes.  I saw a very good article at a website called on thier home page about bolting down to your floor.

Over all I give this model a top ranking for Value in cost, quality, design, follow up service available, and overall customer satifaction.  Check them out at (the website needs a lot of updating) or you can purchase one from

  • Composite Construction – 5″ Thick Door – 2″ Thick Body
  • 1 1/2 Hour Manufacturer Fire Label
  • 1 1/2″ Bolts
  • Full Length hinge side locking bar
  • Dual Re-locks
  • Drill resistive hard plate
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Mounting holes provided