Fireproof Home Safe SM-030 by Cobalt


Fireproof Home Safe model SM-030 by Cobalt is the same safe as the model SM-020 only its put on its side and the hinges are are now on a different side.  Still uses the key to pull back the bolts after the combination has been dialed open. Don’t loose the keys.  I have also noticed some people leaving the safe dial in the dialed open position and only using the key to get in and out.  Though this can be done its not good to not relock the safe with the dial.Â

There is also a handy pull out platic tray on this model and comes with a bolt down kit.Â

Cobalt Sm-020 Fireproof Home Safe

This is a picture of the Cobalt SM-020.   One hour fireproof safe.   Comes with a steel lined predrilled hole in the center and mounting hardware.   Dial lock is secure but it is not a Group II lock.   You will not be able to change the combination on this lock easily like a Group II.   Though it can be changed by a locksmith but not set to any specific group of numbers.   It just comes up random because the way the safe is designed.

You will also notice it comes with a key and no handle.   This is because the key acts as a handle and adds an extra security measure to the safe.   Security aim is to keep sticky fingers off your schtuff!   It will hold up to a small tool attack but that is not its main purpose. Fireproof and stopping sticky fingers is.