Run on Banks gets cash safe at home.

Wow, the number of articles is still increasing in regards to the loss of faith in our banking system.  I was recently quoted in the article below.  Had a great talk with Judy in New Jersey at the Star-Ledger.  Though most are not withdrawing ALL their money from the bank. Many are removing at least some cash to give themselves a hedge against the total shut down of our banking system.  These folks are tired of the whiplash in the stock market.  And tell me. Where is the safe heaven to put your money in?  (Excuse me while I go scream at the wall) Ok, I’m better now.  Thats why safes are seen as the real shelter today.

With economy in the tank, people are banking on safes

by Judy DeHaven/The Star-Ledger

Thursday October 16, 2008, 9:00 PM

At Cy Drake Locksmiths in Morristown, one of the most popular models of safes these days is the AMSEC combination fire-burglar-gun safe.

It’s not that Morristown residents are buying more guns, said the store’s owner, Henry Printz. They’re finding the larger model necessary, he said, for all the cash, jewelry and other valuables they want to keep, well, safe.

It’s all part of the new economic age, when every day brings another stream of turbulence from Wall Street and everyone is nervous that their bank is going to be the next to fail.

Jeff Baldwin of Cy Drake Locksmiths in Morristown shows off one of the shop’s burglary- and fire-resistant models

“This time of year is usually a little slow,” Printz said. “But everybody’s scared. I’d say sales are up maybe 50 to 75 percent.”

While there are no formal statistics, safe manufacturers, online retailers and licensed locksmiths in New Jersey say sales of home safes have soared in recent weeks as people have grasped for some sense of security in these uncertain times.

“Nobody wants to admit it, but people are afraid the banks are going to crash,” said Dave C. Ribel, owner of Top Security Locksmiths in Point Pleasant, who has sold 15 safes in the last three weeks when his shop would typically sell three. “And they think people are going to turn to crime and break into their house and look for their stuff.”

The spike in retail sales has led to more orders for manufacturers. Sentry Safe, a manufacturer in Rochester, N.Y., said its sales have increased 20 percent to 50 percent over the last three to four weeks. And the Hayman Safe Co., another manufacturer from Ovido, Fla., said its sales are up 35 percent to 50 percent.

The owner of Value Safes, an online retailer based in Corpus Christi, Texas, with two websites — and — said his internet sales are up 100 percent this year, and he is on track to see a 300 percent increase in the last month alone.

In addition, he said, some 200,000 people have Googled the word “safe,” in the last 30 days. That’s up from 136,000 for the same period last year.

“We’re getting a lot of folks here recently who are saying, ‘I’m pulling between $10,000 and $20,000 out of the bank,'” he said. “They’re not taking their life savings. But they’re taking an emergency fund.”

Earlier this week, Sovereign Bank, one of the nation’s largest thrifts, said customers pulled $4.2 billion, or almost 9 percent of deposits, in recent weeks, a trend seen by a number of other large banks since the start of the year.

His current best seller is a fireproof and burglary safe on sale for $539. He said that is a typical starter safe, which is 18 inches high and about 20 inches deep. But as people stop to think about what they can store in a safe, they often move up to the bigger models. Many are willing to spend several thousand dollars for a high-quality safe.

What about bank safety deposit boxes?

“People want the extra protection,” said Dick DiVittorio, vice president of the Hayman Safe Co. “They don’t know if a sticker is going to be on the door the next time they go to the bank.”

It is not unusual for safe sellers to see an increase in demand after catastrophic events or downturns in the economy. When forest fires ravage the west, sales of safes increase. Ditto for hurricanes in the south.

Likewise, safe sellers saw increases at the turn of the millennium with the Y2K scare and also after 9/11, said Sondra McFarlane, director of marketing and communications with Sentry Safe.

“Our products are the types of products people become aware of in times of peril and uncertainty,” McFarlane said.

While locksmiths and manufacturers said they have seen a surge in sales during the last three weeks, Gilmore, the safe retailer, has also seen more subtle trends.

He said his sales first increased back in January, when the price of gold hit historic highs.

“We started getting what I’d call the fringe of society,” the owner of Value Safes said. “I talked to this one guy who said, ‘I live on this island. And I want to keep all my gold bouillon on my island with me.’ We started getting those kinds of odd ones.”

Then, when Bear Stearns collapsed in the spring, his businesses experienced another increase from the “folks that remembered the Depression,” he said.

“Now,” he said, “it’s everybody.”

The last three weeks in particular have been a boon for safes, as huge swings in the stock market have become the norm and the government has struggled to implement a bailout plan and restore a sense of calm in the markets.

“Many people are frightened because of the economic situation at hand,” said McFarlane of Sentry Safe. “Unfortunately, it’s causing decisions to pull money out of financial institutions and put it in our safes.

“We are not condoning the practice of taking money out of financial institutions and putting them in our product,” she added. “But if people are going to take out their money, and they’re going to end up putting it in a mattress or the icebox or a drawer or someplace that’s not secure, then certainly our product is better.”

Fire Safes

Fire safes are the great way to keep your document and valuable safe. Fire safes will come in your budget in the smaller versions, Fire safes can be kept anywhere in the home and it very useful for the businesses too. Fire safes are normally rated by the time on which they withstand the temperatures for fire produces. Homeowners specially prefer small sized box fire safes. Fire safes can protect your valuable things without infringing on the style your home because they can be kept hidden anywhere. Main object of the fire safes is to protect jewelry, birth certificates, or any irreplaceable things. Fire safes are used to secure way to keep in the home. Fire safes are the advance wise choice for any business or home office. Security protection for vital information is essential for any business. Company which incurs fire damage in critical loss of data by not utilizing quality fire and fire safes. Security is very important for longevity of intellectual property. Fire safes can also give you the protection against water, humidity, and other changes in climate.

Sentry Safe EQ5433

Sentry Safe EQ5433 is what is called an Executive Safe.  Yes, it looks like a gun safe but notice the shelves in it from top to bottom.  This type of safe is NOT a Fireproof Safe. However, it is a step up in burglary protection.  In the fact it has a UL rating of a “RSC” or Residential Security Container.  What does RSC mean in English? Ahhhh grasshopper, let me tell you what Sentry Safe has been up to!UL Listed Residential Security Rating (TQDE):A safe which has a Group 2 lock must resist an attack test conducted by a professional locksmith with knowledge of the workings of the safe using such tools as chisels, pry bars, and variable speed drills for 5 minutes.  Please note that it will take a lot longer for the average thief to break into this safe.  Also, 5 minutes is a long time huffing, puffing, and prying to get into this safe.  Especially when you realize the average home break in last between 3-8 minutes.  You also need to keep in mind that when a thief is entering your home.  He is coming in empty handed and wants to leave with his hands full.  He is not toting crowbars, sledge hammers, and drills with him! So a safe with an RSC label is a very good safe.  It is important to bolt this safe to the floor in order to take advantage of all its security features.

This Sentry safe also has a group II lock on it.  Which is a very good lock.  Also rated by UL as a quality comination dial lock.  That is often something people forget about, the quality of the lock.  They just look at the safe and not how its made or what materials were used. 

Shelving is adjustable or can be removed all together.  Not a huge selection in colors just green or black. Be sure to call us to specify which color you want or we will call you after you place your order.  This safe also has organizational features in it such as the bungee cords and door back organizer which is handy once you start getting it full of stuff. Overall I like this safe.  Good burglary protection and a large compartment for storage of stuff at an affordable price.  Sentry Safe has done a good job with the model EQ5433. You will find it on our Discount Gun Safes page.

Gun Safes, Sentry G6211

Sentry Gun Safe G6211.  Is a larger size Gun Safe. NON Fireproof Gun Safe.  Many folks are looking at the price of this gun safe and jumping on it.  But be aware it is not fire rated.  However, it is CDOJ certified.  Stonger steel and better locking bolt system than is its smaller version the Go135.  They have gotten away from the key and gone with a dial.  Which makes it feel more like a safe.  Good storage space and has good interior.  Sentry Safes are one of the few manufactures that are still making a non fireproof gun safe.  So there is not much else in the industry to use as a  comparison to this model. 

I would like to point out a few of the features.  The Sentry Gun Safe model G6211 is the first of its line up to use a real bolt work system on the safe.  It also has drill resistant hardplate in the lock. What is drill resistant hardplate you ask?  Ahh grasshopper let me explain.  Hardplate is placed over the interior portion of the lock to protect it from being drilled.  It is not uncommon for a thief to attack a safe by first taking a hammer to the dial and knocking it off.  But by doing this he is only making it much harder to break into it.  Because the hardplate is protecting the most important part of the lock.  At this point, the thief had better brought a blow torch.  You see the hardplate cannot be drilled but must be melted.  This super strong steel plate is what helps this safe be CDOJ (California Dept. of Justice) certified gun safe. 

Now I can anticipate your next question.  “How do I get in the safe if the thief breaks off the dial?”  Well, thats what our good friend the locksmith makes his living doing. 

To sum up this brief look at the Sentry Gun Safe model G6211. I would call one of the largest Non Fireproof Gun Safes on the market.  Quality is typical Sentry Safe…which is “affordable Chinese Import” (affordable…I think that was very tactful of me).  The pry resistant door is much better door than the small GO135.  But it can still be crowbared after about 5-10 minutes of wrestling with it. (I know this because I have done it just to test it.)  Which is a long time when you consider the average home break in lasts about 3-8 minutes.  Also, at this price range you may want to look at some of the smaller models with fireproof protection. Its not that much more in price but it offers more value.  And thats what we are about at so check out this model on our site under the heading marketed Safes Discount Gun Safes.

  • 10 long-gun maximum storage capacity
  • Combination lock with lever handle
  • Solid steel, pry-resistant door
  • 3 steel live-locking bolts/3 dead bolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • Hardened steel plate protects lock from drill attack
  • Carpeted interior
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Flush floor for easy access
  • Floor compartment
  • Door back organizational hooks
  • Bungee organizational system
  • Bolt-down hardware included
  • Color: Green/brass hardware
  • Color: Black/brass hardware
  • 1 year Limited Warranty

Sentry Safes Gun Safe model GO135

Sentry Gun Safe model GO135.  Meets CDOJ (California Department of  Justice) standards for a Gun Safe.  Hmmmmm, this an inexpensive unit with NO fireprotection.  Ideal for locking away up to 5 guns to keep the kids out.  Nice high security key for the lock.  It is a pry resistant door but in my personal opinion it will only keep the honest people out.  Give a thief a crowbar and a few minutes…I belive he can get inside without too much effort.  Sentry Safe is really trying to reach the standard of “A Gun Safe for Every Gun in America“.  This is a good thing to have this safe available. It would be rough on everyone if all Gun Safes had a starting price of $1000!

If you are operating on tight budget and need to lock away your guns.  This will do what you need it to do.  I would compare the steel to more like you would find on a gym locker.  This is really a beginner Gun Safe by Sentry Safes. 

You find these located on our Discount Gun Safes page.  I have this page as an accumulation of entry level import Gun Safes.  Many of the Safes on this page are excellant and a very good value for your dollar.  But if you start to get confused and your eyes start rolling back into your head, call us.  I can make it quick and painless on you.  So feel free to visit us at

  • Eight lever security key lock with double-bit key
  • Five long-gun maximum storage capacity
  • Solid steel, pry-resistant door
  • Two steel live-locking bolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • Non Fire Rated