Finding a Perfect Safe

When you are trying to decide on a new safe, it really just depends on what your needs are. If you are planning to protect documents, then a fire proof safe is the way to go. For valuable jewelry, you will want a safe that employs several security tactics. There are even safes that are meant especially for the protection of digital media, which means that they will guard against dust, humidity, heat, and even electromagnets. If you are planning to store your firearms, the Winchester line of gun safes is an excellent choice to protect against both theft and fire.

Don’t Confuse Fire Safe with Security Safe

There are safes available that can protect your belongings from both theft and fire. You must remember, however, that a simple fire safe does not have the security features necessary to protect the contents from theft. Conversely, a security safe that is not rated for fire protection might keep the contents from catching alight, but the materials inside the safe will still be in danger from temperatures that can reach up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to check all of the specifications before you purchase a safe, so that you can be sure that your safe can protect the way you expect it to.

Don’t Mistake a Strongbox for a Safe

Too many people believe that they can cut corners when protecting their belongings by purchasing a less expensive strong box that cannot offer the protection that a security safe or a fireproof safe can offer. A Hollon safe is a good compromise for those that are seeking a good deal on a safe, because these safes offer more bolts than other safes of similar size and ratings, but they tend to be a more affordable choice. It is important to spend that extra bit of money for real protection, rather than lament a loss later.

Biometic Locks – Good or Bad

We all know that technology of the future is being developed every day and some of it is pretty far out there.  I’m sure many people find themselves thinking “wow, I never thought that idea would take off.”  It just so happens I am personally not a fan of Biometric safes.

Although this is supposed to be one of the most secure lock styles available, there are certainly flaws with the idea.  Safes with biometric locks generally come with the capability of programming so many prints into the lock – making it accessible by a certain group of people.  However, most people don’t think of that, and only program their own personal print.  In this case, if that person is away on vacation and has documents in the safe that are needed right away, they can’t just give their code to a friend and have them open it.  This is frustrating for the owner of the safe.

I came across a blog the other day writing about Biometric Safes.  The author points out good points, that it is the safe of the future and many thieves don’t mess with them, however it doesn’t point out the headache it can cause the customer. Until these locks are more user friendly and bugs are worked out of them, I suggest sticking with an electronic lock, in my personal opinion.

TRTL 30×6

I have never seen a safe so impressive until I saw these safes.  The Mutual TRTLx30x6 is a torch and tool resistant safe on all six side for 30 minutes.  This is not something you will find in any other safe except for these.

Those that are looking to protect items of high value and items that need to be protected from normal every day use are stored in these.  I once had someone tell me they had to wear monitors for radioactive substances to open the safe because of what was stored in it.  That should give you an idea just how secure these safes are.

I was doing some searching over the weekend about these safes and came across a pretty good blog.  The “Is a TRTLx30x6 safe for you” article gives just some general knowledge most people want to know about the safe.

Floor Safes, the Hidden High Security Safe of Choice for Drug Dealers.

Isn’t that a cool headline? I thought it was a real attention grabber and I will explain here in a moment. But before I do that I want to talk about what to look for  when searching safes and trying to decide about which safe will get you the best protection for the best price.  I have found from Wall Safes, Fireproof Home Safes, Fire Safes & Burglary Safes, Biometric Safes, Fingerprint Safes, Security Safes, and Depository Safes like Drop safes.  I personally think that Floor Safes are one of the best Safes for home or business and I’ll tell you why.

First you can purchase B-Rated floor safes for very affordable prices.  As a matter of fact B-rated floor safes are the most affordable type of B-rated safe in the industry.  If you are new to looking at safes you are probably asking yourself “Why a B-Rated safe? What makes a safe B-Rated anyway?”

Underwriters Labratory (UL) assigns a B-rating to burglary safes.  They need to meet a certain set of standards such as a minimum of 1/4 inch steel on the body.  Half inch steel in the door with drill resistant hardplate.  Group II lock or Group I electronic keypad.  Must also be able to hold up to a minimum amount of crowbar and sledge hammer attacks.  But becarefull, just because it has a UL listed on the label doesn’t mean it passed their B-Rating test. It could stand for something else about the safe such as the lock.

Once installed in concrete you get several benfits. Like fireproofing from the concrete wrapped around the safe.  It is hidden and covered metal plate so you can roll carpet or a rug over it.  Staying hidden is a key security component because “out of sight is truely out of mind”.   This way a thief can’t even start to break into it. 

Second is, if they do find it. Breaking into one is next to impossible.  I have several manufactures that tout their floor safe doors have NEVER been breached in a theft attempt.  Thats impressive to me and it should be reassuring to you.

The reason floor safes are the choice safe for drug dealers is so they can hide cash and their drug of choice in a floor safe.  Drug sniffing dogs have a very difficult time sniffing through all the steel, concrete, and carpeting.  The police just can’t locate the safe.  Now if a drug dog and police can’t find the safe, and they are looking for it. Just think what a thief will find and he is only going to search by himself in a 3-8 minute period!

Before you get too excited, yes, there is a negative side to floor safes. That is if you want to install one in a slab that has already been poured, its a lot of work and very messy.  I actually installed one in drug dealers house before he went to prison.  He took my receipt and his reciept and burned it on the driveway.  Vowing me to silence.  I have deleted that job from my computers and mind and to this day I don’t even remember the location or the guy.  (Don’t want too either)