SB-01c Fireproof Safe

The SB-01c Fire Safe /Burglary Safe. Is made by Cobalt Safes.  Comes with a 5 year warrenty plus a lifetime warrenty for fire.  Though the picture is not the best here you should still be able to see what I’m going to point out to you.

First look at the door. There is an outer section and then a bolt assembly behind it.  This makes the SB-01c door about 5 inches thick overall.  When we examine the average thief breaking into the average home.  He is coming into the house with empty hands and wants to leave with them full.  Chances of him bringing a crow bar or sledge hammer are slim to none.  If he does find the safe he will most likely be too unprepared to even beat on it and will quickly move to everything else we leave available in our homes to steal.

But lets say you left the family crow bar and sledge hammer next to it and a small sticky note that says “beat me” on the safe.  The SB-01c is going to hold up like a champ.  The outer steel wall is reinforced by a cement based fireproof wall with another steel wall on the interior.  This makes for excellant strength.Â

The 5 inch thick door is also too thick to get a crow bar down deep enough to actually gain enough purchase to even begin to start using a crow bar on the door.  So in my opinion the SB-01c is one of the best buys on the market today.

Toss in a 2 hour fireproofing with a center bolt down (so the safe can’t be picked up and carried off) and its looking even better to me.

But wait, it gets better! The lock is a Sargent & Greenleaf group II dial lock.  Made in the state of Kentucky by real American hands.  The design and quality of these locks last for 100 years (warrenty is only like 5 but they are very well built).  Includes an extra sensative “glass relocker” on the safe to keep out the intelligent thief that may show up with better tools than a crow bar and hammers.

I honestly feel that this safe, as well as the rest of the SB line, is built to pass along to the grandkids in a few decades from now.  Take a closer look for more details or to purchase at SB-01c.

Outside Dimensions
Height: 18″
Width: 17 3/4″
Depth: 20 1/2″
Inside Dimensions
Height: 12″
Width: 12″
Depth: 12″
170 lbs.