Hollon FB-845WE

Generally with most safes, fireproof safes or not, if you want a safe with more cubic feet, you have to get a safe that is taller.  This can be a hassle because sometimes we have the perfect space picked out – that means specific dimensions.  That means you must do one of three things, settle on a smaller safe that fits in your dimensions, have a safe custom made (which can cost thousands of dollars), or find a new spot.

The Hollon FB-845WE offers a shorter height but with a larger width.  At only 33 1/4″ in height, it gives 7.45 cubic feet of space!  This safe can be purchased with either an electronic lock or combination lock.  It’s an excellent safe and provides a great two hours of fire protection but gives you not only the peace of mind of having the fire protection but the burglary feature that provides a glass re-locker and a locking bar that locks into place behind the hinge.

Hollon Fire and Burlary Safes – Now with Combination locks

Hollon safes primarily only sold safes that had electronic keypads, except for a few drop safes or home fire safes.  They just recently introduced the option to purchase the Hollon Fire and Burglary safes with combination locks.  Some people prefer the dial lock over the electronic version and feel safer having it so they decided to start offering it to their customers.  They will set the combination to the code of your choice so if you want it something special and don’t want to have to pay a lock smith to change it after wards make sure to note it on your order.

This is an excellent expansion of these safes and I’m excited to be able to announce the change.  It will be an option soon offered on the website for a small fee to upgrade to the combination lock.  So you can better understand why there is an extra charge I would like to provide an insight on the safe ordering world.  When the safes are made by the manufacturer overseas they will generally put an electronic lock on the safe at no extra charge but charge more for a combination lock.  It is as if they have accepted the fact that electronic locks are the new most popular lock option so they make it as a standard option.  To those that still want the combination locks they charge a bit more, so it passes on to the consumer.

Depository Safe HDS-2014E

Depository Safe UPDATE.

Depository Safe model HDS-2014E: Is running low in inventory. However, we are offering an extra $30 off for having to wait.  So our new price is $369.00 for HDS-2014E. Please call us to take advantage of this savings. This is a super deal on the depository safe from Hollon Safe. This will be good until June 3, 2010.


I haven’t written about Safes in awhile and I wanted to let you know I will be picking it back up again. Be sure to call about any scratch and dent safes or used safes. It seems we always go through waves of them and right now we have a quite a few safes that I can send pictures of and make someone a great deal on a safe.

Drop Safes, I have two models on close out. The FD-3220D is a really good deal on such a large drop safe.  Good storage especially for a large civic group. I only have eight left and those will go quickly…I think. 

Safes are on the rise in sales across the country right now and we are doing our best to stay in stock. Keep checking back for more “Safe” information!

The TRTL-30×6 Series of Jewelry Safes from Mutual Safes

TRTL-30x6 Jewlry Safes

The TRTL-30×6 series of jewelry safes from Mutual Safes are some of the most secure jewelry safes manufactured.  You should only consider purchasing one if your insurance company requires it, or if you require protection from even the most determined attack.  These safes ARE the top of the line.  Each safe comes with a lifetime warranty from Mutual Safes against fire and attack.  If one of these units cannot be repaired after an attack or fire, it will be replaced with a new one by Mutual Safes.

The TRTL-30×6 series is constructed using a layer of concrete material sandwiched between inner and outer magnesium steel hardplates.  The concrete material incorporates a matrix of nuggets and carbon fiber which enhances its tensile strength.  The material has a density of 26,000 psi.  Reinforced armor plating is used to protect the door frame and each individaul bolt chamber, making the safe resistant to even the most sophisticated attack.  TRTL stands for “Tool and Torch Resistant”, and is a UL Standard, one of the highest available.  These safes are also fireproof, having been tested in a 1750 degree F fire for a period of 2 hours, without the temperature inside the safe rising above 350 degrees F.

The TRTL-30×6 series uses a multitude of relockers that are synchronized to ensure that the safe stays locked in the event of an attack.  Locking mechanisms available are UL listed Group 1 combination dial or electronic keypad.  The series is available in 4 sizes — 30″ x 30″ x 32″, 43″ x 30″ x 32″, 67″ x 30″ x 32″ and 69″ x 44″ x 36″.  The safes weigh 2000, 2600, 3800 and 5500 lbs. respectively!  The TRTL-30×6 series is available in like-new factory reconditioned versions, at about half the cost of new units.

The Importance of Home Security Safes

Throughout history there has been an enduring need to protect irreplaceable possessions from theft and the devastating effects of fire. In the Middle Ages merchants constructed treasury safes made of oak conjoined with iron as a repository of security. With technological advances, today’s safes have tempered steel walls with fire-retardant material interspersed within the walls, affording a deterrent to theft and fire, unimaginable just a century ago.

A basic locking cabinet can secure valuable papers or personal items but it will not protect them from theft or fire damage. Only safes can provide a superior level of protection for documents, jewelry, guns and personal items. Computer data that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate if lost. Home and business security systems require the addition of security safes to eliminate the possibility of data and document loss due to fire and climate disruptions. Home security, office management, data storage, gun safety and fire protection are essential requirements within a domestic or commercial setting. A security safe designed for specific needs can meet the varied necessities of home, business and office requirements.

The proliferation of home robberies are classified as “snatch and grab.” The intruder invests approximately 3-5 minutes within the home. The very presence of a home security safe is a deterrent to such robberies. Any additional time invested within the home increases the odds of apprehension. Theft prevention and climate control management have rendered security safes a requirement for any home, office or business. The needed security afforded by home and business safes completes any existing security control system. Home security safes offer protection of personal documents, jewelry and irreplaceable items. Home safes are a major deterrent from robbery and provide needed security from fire and climate changes.  ValueSafes offer a large inventory of wall safes, floor safes, fire safes, gun safes, and electronic digital safes. Home safes are a perfect compliment to any home security system.

As trust in the banking industry has waned, coupled with an overall lack of confidence in the economy, many investors are acquiring home and business safes to protect valuable documents, jewelry and currency. The current economic anxiety has engendered a desire to maintain contact with one’s personal possessions. As the economic recession deepens the need for personal and business security increases. The vacillating stock market and eroding real estate values have diminished confidence in these avenues and increase the desire for home, office and business security. Security and safety is now redefined as the most basic of all needs, the home and family.  ValueSafes was founded on the principle of providing our customers with the highest quality safes at the lowest possible price. Unto these goals we strive to meet our customer’s security needs. Please consider our inventory of commercial, business, office, home and hotel safes as a welcome addition to any business or home environ.  ValueSafes offers great prices and superior service on all our safes.

Mutual Gun Safes

Mutual Gun Safes

Mutual makes a reasonably priced line of burglary resistant, fireproof, stand-up gun safes.  All models feature a UL approved heat-activated door seal and two layers of sheetrock like insulating material.  They are fireproof rated at 1760° F for a period of 60 minutes.  Burglary resistance features include at least 4 dead bolts facing the hinge side, 1 active bolt at the top and at least 4 active bolts facing the opening side.  In addition, they utilize massive 1-inch steel locking bolts.

The lock is protected from drill-out attempts by a spring-loaded relocker and a Manganese hardened drill resistant steel plate.  These gun safes also feature two bolt-down holes at the bottom of the safe which accomodate 1/2″ bolts.  They also feature a 10 gauge steel body and door, semi-gloss black exterior with tan interior and a 5-inch thick door.  The interior features universal adjustable gun racks and shelving that can be arrange as gun racks and shelving or all shelving.  The dial locks are UL listed and the handles and locks are brass-plated.

The main difference between models is their size, and their are three models available.  The Model MS-5922 weighs 350 pounds and measures 59″ x 22″ x 16″.  It can be ordered with an optional electronic keypad locking mechanism and can hold up to 16 long guns.

Measuring 60″ x 30″ x 24″ and weighing 600 pounds, the Model MS-6030 is also available with an optional electronic keypad locking mechanism and can hold up to 22 long guns.

The Model MS-6040 measures 60″ x 40″ x 24″, weighs 800 pounds and can hold up to 40 rifles or shotguns.  It is also available with an optional electronic keypad locking mechanism.

For more information on Mutual gun safes, and details about where to buy, visit the Value Safes website.

Honeywell Executive Gun Safes

Honeywell Executive Gun Safes

Honeywell makes an excellent line of gun safes called the Executive line.  Honeywell Executive gun safes are made to Honeywell standards yet reasonably priced.  There are 5 different models in the Honeywell Executive series.

The Model 6720 measures 55″ x 17.5″ x 17.25″, weighs 163 pounds and can hold up to 10 long guns.  The 10-gun rack is removable for even more versatility.  This safe features a high-security key lock with a lever handle, 3 1″ live locking door bolts, and 2 removable/adjustable shelves.  It also features concealed hinges with a 6mm recessed door, a fully carpeted interior and a hunter green powder coated finish.

The Model 6740 measures 59″ x 21″ x 17.5″, weighs 315 pounds and has a heavy-duty dial lock with a lever handle.  The removable gun rack can hold up to 12 long guns and the safe comes with 2 removable/adjustable shelves.  It has a fully carpeted interior, 5 1″ active locking bolts and a Hunter Green powder coated finish.  This safe is fire tested for 15 minutes at 1100° F  and is California DOJ compliant.

The Model 6741D measures 59″ x 21″ x 17 .5″ and weighs 323 pounds.  The removable gun rack can hold up to 12 guns.  There are 2 removable/adjustable shelves and a permanent shelf with locking ammo box.  The safe features 5 1″ live locking bolts and is fire tested for 15 minutes at 1100° F.  It also features a programmable digital lock with lever handle, a fully carpeted interior and is California DOJ compliant.

The Model 2754DB measures 59″ x 21″ x 17.5″ and weighs 330 pounds.  It includes an adjustable/removable gun rack which can hold 14-18 guns, heavy duty steel construction, is fire tested at 1550° F for 30 minutes and has 5 1″ solid steel active locking bolts.  It comes with a programmable (from 3 to 8 digits) digital lock and mounting hardware for attaching the safe to the wall or floor.

The Model 6742D measures 59″ x 21″ x 17.5″ and weighs 330 pounds.  It features a programmable digital lock with lever handle, a removable 12 gun rack and 2 removable/adjustable shelves.  It also features a permanent shelf with a lockable ammo box, a fully carpeted interior and is California DOJ compliant.  The unit is fire tested at 1100° F for 15 minutes.

For more information on Honeywell Executive gun safes, visit the Value Safes website.

Legacy Gun Safes

Legacy gun safes are the top of the line gun safes for the Winchester brand. All Legacy gun safes feature 4-way active bolt works — the bolts are active even on the hinge side of the door.  In addition,  they feature massive 1-1/2″ bolts and a 5-spoke handle.  Legacy gun safes also feature a 1-hour 1200°F fire rating.  To achieve this rating, they use 3-layer construction for the body and door.

Legacy gun safes are available in a black or granite powder finish with screen printed graphics — they’re handsome safes.  In addition, they feature up to 18 active locking bolts, use 12 gauge steel for construction and use a Palusol door seal to keep out water in the event of a fire.  A UL electronic keypad style locking mechanism is standard, as is a convertible interior.  Each Legacy gun safe also has two bolt holes in the bottom for bolting the safe in place.  They feature a limited lifetime warranty as well.

There are two models available — the Legacy L 22 and Legacy L 45.  The L 22 measures 59″ high x 32″ wide x 22″ deep and has up to 24 cubic feet of interior storage, depending on the arrangement of the shelving.  The L 45 weighs in at 595 pounds.

The Legacy L 45 measures 72″ high x 40″ wide x 27″ deep and has a gun capacity of up to 51 guns.  This massive safe weighs in at 980 pounds.

If you’re looking for an above average gun safe, give the Legacy series from Winchester a good look.

Fireproof safes – A good investment in document security

Fireproof Safes

Chances are, you have a number of documents in your home or business that would be difficult, if not impossible to replace if they were lost in a fire.  That’s where good fireproof safes come in.  Fireproof safes are tested under actual fire conditions to make certain that the contents remain safe from damage due to the fire and damage due to the water used to put out the fire.

Fireproof safes have special layers of fireproof insulation designed to keep temperatures inside the safe low during a fire.  And they have special heat sensitive door seals that expand when heated to seal the contents off from water damage.  Make certain the safe you buy is fireproof – look for a 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour fireproof rating.  You can also kill two birds with one stone by getting a fireproof safe that is also burglary rated — look for a TL 15 or TL 30 rating.  For more information on fireproof safes.