Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale

For the month of September 2010 we are having a huge sale on Gun Safes.  Please find the Republic Gun Safes from Hollon Safe company.  A really great deal that includes shipping and no tax to most areas of the country.

The RG-16 is 59 inches tall and 22 inches wide.  Designed to be bolted to the foundation.  1 hour fireproof with heat seal that swells and keeps the gun safe interior protected from water and smoke.

Don’t delay on these because these are for a limited time until we reduce our inventory.

See the Republic Gun Safes and again this sale is only for this month. Sept 2010

Hollon FB-845WE

Generally with most safes, fireproof safes or not, if you want a safe with more cubic feet, you have to get a safe that is taller.  This can be a hassle because sometimes we have the perfect space picked out – that means specific dimensions.  That means you must do one of three things, settle on a smaller safe that fits in your dimensions, have a safe custom made (which can cost thousands of dollars), or find a new spot.

The Hollon FB-845WE offers a shorter height but with a larger width.  At only 33 1/4″ in height, it gives 7.45 cubic feet of space!  This safe can be purchased with either an electronic lock or combination lock.  It’s an excellent safe and provides a great two hours of fire protection but gives you not only the peace of mind of having the fire protection but the burglary feature that provides a glass re-locker and a locking bar that locks into place behind the hinge.