Through the wall Deposit Safe Pro-2225k

Are you looking for a “through the wall drop safe?” Well, this is it!  I don’t mean it like this is the best one. I mean like…This is it! The only one! Sort of..there are not many of these out there.  They don’t make them in China real cheap. This is made in the USA. So its a  bit pricey.  However, I have never a negative remark on this model of depository safe.

This comes with a choice of three lock styles. Key, Combo dial, or Electronic Keypad. You will see it reflected in the model number. Pro-2225k (keys), Pro-2225c (combo dial), and Pro-2225e (electronic keypad).  This depository safe is B Rated and designed to be bolted down to the foundation.

Note that the shoot is adjustable and I recomend the mailbox slot cover to on the other side of the wall.  Anit fish baffel keeps people from “fishing” money out through the drop safe shoot.