Depository safes are ideal for keeping large amounts of cash

Depository Safes

Depository safes are safes that don’t require opening in order for items to be stored in them.  They allow you to give an employee the ability to add something to the safe without them knowing the combination or pin number to the safe.  They are ideal for keeping large amounts of cash during the day.  You should move the cash to a more secure safe or to the bank at night, though.  Depository safes are designed to keep someone from “fishing” the contents back out through the opening, but they’re not burglar-proof.

If you make it a policy for your employees to make a deposit of large bills or whenever the cash register contains a certain amount, a depository safe could save you a lot of money during a robbery.  Even if you happen to be there when a robbery takes place, you can claim ignorance to the combination.  But be careful, the robber may have cased the store and know that you’re the owner or manager – no amount of money is worth risking your life over.  For more information about depository safes.