How to Maintain and Clean a Gun Safe

gun safe
Anyone who owns a gun of any type knows the importance of having a gun safe. They keep kids away and make it so that no accidents can happen. But did you know it’s important to keep them clean and maintained as well?
To make sure they work properly, here are some great tips on how keep your safe clean and maintained.


  • Make sure you dust your safe once a month. Whether it’s a feather duster or dusting wipes, make sure you do this regularly. If you leave dust on the surface for very long, it can be very hard to get back off and it gets everywhere!

  • Make sure you don’t use metal polishes or solvents. If you use these, you can damage the protective layering that prevents tarnish.

  • Look around at the different surfaces of your safe. Are there scratches or other blemishes? These can easily be taken care of with touch up paint.

  • Make sure to keep your locking bolts well oiled, otherwise they may not work effectively. To do this, add a small amount of grease to the front, side, and bottom of the bolts once a year and this will prevent it from sticking.

  • Also, you should have a certified lock technician look at the lock once a year because they might be able to catch some issues you were not aware of.

  • Lastly, check out the fire seal. If it is not damaged, then there is no work to be done on it. However, if there is any damage like rips, then you need to replace it.

Some of these tips and tricks will work on other safes as well, but it is crucial that you make sure your  gun safe is working properly to ensure people can’t get into it like your kids, and to make sure you can access it in the case of an emergency.

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Buying a Gun Safe: What to Consider

gun safe
There’s a certain element of paranoia for anyone who owns a firearm. You can take all of the precaution in the world and still get that uneasy feeling when you have an armed (or unarmed) weapon in your possession.
Through television and Internet outlets, there has been a lot of media cover about how to keep guns, knives and weapons out of the wrong hands. The best protection is by use of a safe. A good safe is one that has all of the bells and whistles in order to keep guns locked safely away.
But what exactly are those bells and whistles? With many safes on the market now, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are two key components to consider before buying a safe. We’ve outlined them below.
The steel thickness is the first to consider. Some companies are choosing composite doors over steel ones. The composite doors are actually thin and folded pieces of sheet metal with sheetrock inside. This material serves no actual real protection against a safe break-in. What you really want is a safe made of 100% thick steel.
Next is to look at the locking bolts. You will want to make sure these parts that keep the safe together are thick and non-flimsy. Strong durable metal should be used or else it will be very easy for a thief to get in. If all it takes is little effort to bend the internal parts of the safe, then the safe is not worth a purchase.
Personal safety is paramount, so it only makes sense that you invest in a safe that will do its job.

Gun Safes are Better than Gun Cabinets

Many people who own firearms want to have them on display, and they choose to buy glass-fronted cabinets. While they may look great, and you can show off your firearms, they do not require the protection that you need. Gun safes are a far better option in terms of protection. The last thing you would want is for a thief to come into your home, break into the cabinet and use a gun against you or your family. Keep your guns and your loved ones safe with high quality gun safes instead. The safes are certainly well worth their cost.

Fireproof Gun Safe model GS5940H

Diamond Back Gun Safe model GS5940H.   Is the largest in Diamond Back Gun Safe lineup.   It is made to the exacting standards of the companies owner, Keith Lavarnay.     Also,  a division of Cobalt Safes BUT nothing to do with the old company that produced “Cobalt Gun Safes”.   They went out of business years ago.   Before Cobalt Safes was born.   The “H” series standards for Gun Safes is top notch in the import line up of Gun Safes.

* 10 Gage Steel for body and door. Plus an added plate of steel within the door. PLUS, hardplate over the lock. Far exceeding CDOJ rating for firearm container.

* S&G group II lock with relocker and spyproof ring. Whats a spyproof ring?   Its so only the person dialing the combo can see the numbers being dialed.

*Huge ball bearing hinges to support the door when open and protect against breakin.

*1 Hour Fireproof Safe protection.

*Adjustable shelving for interior.   Can be used for guns or storage of a varity of objects.

* Multiple bolt down predrilled holes on floor.   For supperior theft protection.

*Massive, over 4 inchs, thick door with back up bolt assembly making it extremly difficult if not impossible to pry bar open.

*Predrilled plugged hole for addition of a dehumidifier to keep contents dry and mold free.

*Semi gloss black paint extended life finish that is easy to repair scratches.   Giving a lifetime of use and a good looking finish.

Now if you are like me. I like to compare products that are similar from other companies.  Hollon Safe company has a line called the “Republic”. Which almost the exact same safe regarding fireproof for 1 hour. Bolt size and steel thickness.  They do have a better lock set up than the Diamond Back. Plus they have a high gloss finish which is very nice to look at. The comparable model would be the RG-39 Gun Safe

It is important to read my other comments in this post regarding Diamond Back Gun Safes.   I try not to repeat myself too much.   So you will read other tidbits about Gun Safes on the other areas.

Finding a Perfect Safe

When you are trying to decide on a new safe, it really just depends on what your needs are. If you are planning to protect documents, then a fire proof safe is the way to go. For valuable jewelry, you will want a safe that employs several security tactics. There are even safes that are meant especially for the protection of digital media, which means that they will guard against dust, humidity, heat, and even electromagnets. If you are planning to store your firearms, the Winchester line of gun safes is an excellent choice to protect against both theft and fire.

Keep Guns out of Sight

Under the Second Amendment, you are well within your right to own a gun. You must remember, however, that there are certain responsibilities that fall to owners of firearms. The number one responsibility is that you must keep your guns out of the hands of children or home invaders. Most people that face this reality will purchase a gun safe, such as the Winchester Supreme or the Winchester Ranger. These safes will not only keep your guns out of sight, but they will also protect your firearms from fire or other natural disasters. You shouldn’t need any more reason than that to buy one.

While you are doing research be sure to check out Republic Gun Safes by Hollon Safe.

Protect Your Firearms from Damage

Most people believe that they only need a gun safe if there are small children in the house. While it is very important to keep firearms out of the reach of children, this is not the only reason that purchasing a gun safe is a good idea. For one thing, you will want to have your guns out of reach should anyone ever invade your home. Having your guns in someone else’s hands is a scary situation. Gun safes can also protect your firearms from any fires or natural disasters, so check out one of the Winchester gun safes and protect your belongings from damage.

Be a Responsible Gun Owner

If you own a handgun or a rifle, then you have a specific responsibility to keep your firearms out of the hands of children and other individuals. You should have some way to secure your guns, as well as a place to lock up ammunition. Before you even buy a gun, you should know where you plan to store it. There is nothing scarier than knowing that your gun is in the wrong hands. You should definitely consider a gun safe, such as the Winchester Ranger or the Winchester Supreme, which will not only keep your guns out of reach, but can also protect against unforeseen events.

Protect Your Firearms

By choosing to keep guns in the house, you have a responsibility to the other people that live in the same home. Choosing to use a gun safe is not just a good idea for families with children, as these safes can keep your firearms protected from fire and theft. By leaving your weapons out, you are opening yourself up to many possible scenarios that involve gun theft, and knowing that your gun is in someone else’s hands is a scary situation. A popular gun safe is the Winchester Ranger 19, which offers basic protection of your firearms, which will, in turn, offer protection for your household.

Winchester Gun Safe Ranger 19

Ranger 19 The Ranger 19 will hold up to 24 of your most valuable firearms. From rifles to handguns, ammo and other valuables, this safe is the best investment you can make for your home. The keypad lock makes it easy to access your guns at a moment’s notice. If it’s the middle of the night and you need a gun, do you want to be fumbling around with a dial lock, trying to see the numbers? A keypad like this one can give you access to your guns one-handed. Your guns are investments, and this safe takes your investments seriously. It comes with a dehumidifier hole, which allows your guns to stay dry and rust-free. There are top and side shelves to help you organize your collection and ammo. With four front door bolts, 12 gauge body thickness and weighing in at 510 pounds, this safe is better than having a team of bodyguards protecting your guns. This gun safe is rated for 45 minutes of continuous, direct fire exposure, which means you won’t have to replace your firearm collection in the unfortunate event of a house fire.