Diamond Back Gun Safe GS5928L

Diamond Back Fireproof  Gun Safe model GS5928L is a half an hour fireproof safe.  Very good value in size.  Comes with two bolt holes.  Extra secure for bolting to the ground.  When this model was first sold it had a tendecy to tip forward when the door was open.  This was due to the weight of the safe and narrowness of the body.  But not anymore!  They fixed that several years ago.  Without compromising the thickness of the door.  I would still bolt it to the ground for security reasons.

I have had a lot of coments on the pallet that this one has built into it.  The pallet is two metal rail type pieces that come bolted to the bottom.  It doesn’t come shipped on a wooden pallet.  It came be a little cumberson to unbolt.  Unlike on a wooden pallet.  That you would just cut the strap on the Fireproof Gun Safe and wiggle to the floor to be handcarted around.  No, this one must be leaned forward and held while someone unbolts the gun safe from the rail.  Its not as hard as it sounds and can be done by one person.

10 Gage steel is rare to find in a gun safe.  Especially in the under $3000. range.   But this one has it!  Its normal retail is around $950 in gun shops and local locksmiths.  Valuesafes always has it on sale and with free shipping to your home.  I would like to point out something.  If inflation stays on it current path world wide.  I will not be surprised to see the price of this model jump considerably.  Or be redesigned with a 12 or even 14 gage steel.  (I will anounce it on our website to inform anyone of changes in the quality of this safe) BUT for today, I think if you are looking for a fireproof gun safe.  With a 30 min fire protection. Top quality but on a budget.  This is one to consider.  I would put this one in first place position when considering also. 

Be sure to check out more writtings in this section on Diamond Back Gun Safes.  I try not to bore people with repeat information.  You may also wish to check out more reviews at www.safesblog.com I am not sure if they have commented on this unit yet.  But leave a little feedback if you own one.