The Diamond Back gun safe is a quality gun safe available at a reasonable price

Diamond Back gun safes are a line of gun safes that combine quality with reasonable prices.  Diamond Back makes two series of gun safes, the “L” series and the “H” series.  The “L” series are designed to be tough and durable at a reasonable price.  They feature 9 1-inch solid steel bolts to secure the door.  They also carry a fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 350 degrees F internal temperature, and a solid 10 gauge steel body.

The “H” series features 10 1-1/2 in. steel locking bolts, a 3 gauge steel door that is double the thickness and twice the layers of fire liner, and a 10 gauge steel body.  They carry a 1-hour 350 degree internal temperature fire rating.  They also feature a drill resistant steel plate surrounding the locking mechansim and a semi-gloss finish that hides blemishes.  For more information on the Diamond back gun safe.

Floor Safes model FS-B4

Floor Safes model FS-B4 is the largest in B Rated Floor Safes in this line of steel safes.  Extremely strong with 1/4 steel body and a massive thick steel door with drill resistant hardplate.  Same quality workmanship goes into this floor safe as the other floor safes models FS-B1 and FS-B2. 

The door is spring loaded for easy access.  Just dial the combination, turn the handle, and Voila’ the door pops up and open.  Much easier than removing the entire door to get to the safe on the smaller non-spring loaded hinge models.

There is a sort of down side to this unit.  That is the length is 24 inches! Which is huge and you will need a long arm to reach the back of the safe model.  Also can leed to confusion once this safe starts getting full.  Best to figure out a way to organize this safe so you don’t have to empty the safe just reach something in the far back corner.   But on the bright side. If you are into installing floor safes…install a big one so you don’t out grow it.

Lock is Sargent and Greenleaf made in Kentucky.  One of the best combination locks on the market today. Exported around the world.  As a matter of fact this lock is exported to South Korea and put on the floor safes model.  Then re-imported to the USA. (sounds a bit crazy to me but it works) Also, we can set this safe combination to your desired combination numbers. Just fill out the comments section with the combo and we can set it at no extra charge.

Be sure to wrap this floor safe in a plastic bag before you pour concrete around it.  This will allow the safe to last longer, prevent rust, and keep her dry for years.  I normally use either a very thick “lawn and leaf” bag or a thick painters drop cloth wraped around the entire floor safe. 

Over all I give this floor safe a big thumbs up for quality and theft prevention.  This is a top notch model on the market today. 

One last item.  In case you are asking yourself if this is fireproof. It is not. However, it does get fireprotection from the concrete you pour around it. I am unaware of any “Fireproof” floor safes.  Because all the manufactures have designed the safe to be surrounded by concrete which is excellant protection against fire. You can see this model and other floor safes in our Floor Safes model section on Valuesafes.

Also be sure to read about our other floor safes models here in the blog. Just type in the model number and an article will pop up.