Gun safes makes sense

Gun Safes

Gun safes make sense.  They protect children by restricting access to your guns to only authorized persons.  And they can protect your valuable guns from theft and from damage due to fire.  Gun safes are available in two types – pistol safes and cabinet style gun safes for rifles and shotguns.  The pistol safes a really just designed to restrict access to the guns.   They are small chest-type safes which can be placed on a bedside table or under the bed.  But they can be carried of by burglars.

The cabinet-style gun safes can be used to protect your guns from fire and burglary as well as to restrict access to them.  Be sure and check and make sure that the gun safe you are looking at is burglary and fireproof rated.  Typical burglary ratings are UL TL 15 and UL TL 30.  Typical fire ratings are 1 hour fireproof and 2 hour fireproof.  Also, make sure the gun safe has enough room inside for all of your guns – don’t forget a shelf for your pistols and ammunition.  For more information on gun safes.

It’s a good idea to keep your guns in a gun safe these days

Gun Safe

Recently, many states have passed laws making it a criminal offense if someone gets hurt with a gun that you are responsible for.  These laws are aimed at protecting children from playing with guns.  They make good sense, and can help keep more restrictive gun control laws from being passed.  So you should consider keeping all of your guns in a gun safe.  Gun safes range in size from small, chest-style pistol safes to large, cabinet-style safes for shotguns and rifles.

Gun safes are designed to restrict access to your guns to only authorized persons, and can help protect your valuable guns in the event of a burglary or fire as well.  Look for a gun safe that carries a burglary and fireproof rating.  Keep in mind that the small pistol safes are just designed to keep unauthorized persons from accessing your pistol(s) – they won’t help against burglars because they can be easily carried off.  For more information on the gun safe.