What Should I put in my Fireproof Safe?

fireproof safe
You went the smart route and bought a fireproof safe which will keep all of your documents safe from all the elements. Maybe you’re stuck on what to do with it – or even what to put inside of it.
Below is a list of things that you should consider putting inside in order to keep your belongings safe.


  • Insurance policies and agent contact information. Especially with home insurance, you will want to make sure you have this handy in the case of a fire.

  • Legal documents and/or copies. These documents were meant to ensure protection so being able to access them will give you that protection.

  • Wills where you are names the executor. Having access to this information is important because once the person passes away, safe deposit boxes are sealed.

  • Passports and original birth certificates. These are used in order to establish your identity in a number of instances. Plus, they can be a pain to replace.

  • A list of family doctors, prescriptions, and pharmacy information on the off chance someone would need to get them for you or access that information.

  • Digital copy of all family photos. You can use a CD or an external hard drive. If there were to be a fire in your home, this is something that many people wish they still had with them. These are memories that you don’t want to lose.

  • Keys to your safe deposit box. If you have anything of personal value at the bank, then you will want to make sure your key is accessible and safe.

  • Any important papers for investments, bank accounts, or retirement plans. You never know when you might need to access these.

  • Outstanding debt information. Keeping an eye on this information will be very important to your credit score.

  • Original Social Security Cards. These are hard to replace and are needed to establish eligibility for things such as benefits.

  • Anything valuable such as jewelry, coins, cash, etc. They will be safe and you can access them.

  • Spare keys/titles to all vehicles. This is important information to know the location of!
    There are many other things to keep inside a fireproof safe, but these items are of particular importance to everyone and should find a secure home.

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Fireproof Safes for All Occasions

How important are fireproof safes? Anyone who has gone through a fire and lost pictures, valuables, and important paperwork could tell you just how important they truly are. When you buy these safes, you will want to check the fire rating on them to see how long they are able to protect your documents. It might even be a good idea to buy more than one safe. You can keep fireproof safes in the home as well as the office. If you have a vacation home, consider getting one for that house as well. You can never have too much protection.

Fireproof Does Not Equal Theft-proof

Many people that purchase a fireproof safe expect the same protection from attempted theft. The problem is that the materials that are used in a fireproof safe are very different from those used in a safe for security reasons. Fireboard is not as impervious to hand tools as layers of concrete and steel can be. You should also remember that a safe that is meant solely for security would not protect the contents from high temperatures that are found in a house fire. The Hollon line of fireproof safes does make a fireproof safe that can be bolted to the floor, which might be a good compromise.

Safes Are Prepared for the Future

We live in an entirely new age of technology, with hard drives and USB drives replacing paper documents. These newest forms of data storage may be high tech, but they’re also incredibly sensitive to heat and humidity, as well as dust. Magnetic fields of any kind could ensure that all of your information is lost in just moments. By purchasing a media safe, such as the FireKing DS1817, you can protect your data from any of the usual, and even the unusual, damages that can occur. They’re not terribly expensive, but even if they were, wouldn’t it be worth it to keep your information safe?

Not All Safes are Equal

Something that you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for a home safe is that not all safes are created equally. For instance, a safe that is rated to keep your belongings protected from fires that reach over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit may also allow a thief to pick it right up and carry it out of the house. Conversely, a safe that is intended to deter thieves is not usually constructed to protect the contents from high temperatures. A good, inexpensive compromise is a safe such as one from Hollon. These fire safes can also be bolted to the ground, which will definitely deter thieves.

Protect Your Valuables from Fire

No matter how careful you think that you are, there is always the possibility of a fire in your home. Those important papers and all of the heirloom jewelry sitting out on desks and bureau tops will be gone in just moments, should your house ever succumb to a hire.

Average house fires peak at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll need to seek out a safe that can withstand such temperatures. Some, such as the Hollon 1 Hour Fireproof Safe, are created to last up to an hour, while others can withstand the heat for two hours or more.

Rating Your Fire Proof Safe

If you are purchasing a fire proof safe, then you can rest assured that the safes from which you are choosing have been through rigorous testing and will stand up to the ratings that they pledge. It’s really just a matter of knowing what the ratings mean, so that you can be assured of the protection that is offered. The lowest rating is a UL ½-hour fire endurance test, which will protect your belongings for up to a half hour at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also find UL 1-hour and UL 2-hour endurance safes. You probably won’t need them in your home, but you can also find UL explosion hazard safes, and UL fire-impact safes.

Media Safes

Looking for a safe where you can store your media safely and not have to worry about it being destroyed in a fire?  A normal fire safe will not work to keep your data and media safe.  Unless you put a safe within a safe it is important and necessary to get a safe that is designed to offer the protection needed.  Although the item might not be physically harmed by the fire, the temperature that the safe can reach in a fire is high enough to erase the data stored on the devices, leaving you a useless object, thus reaching the importance of a media safe.

I was doing some searching the other day on some data and media safes and came across an excellent blog.  “Think ahead and purchase a media safe,” discusses the pros to having a media safe.  It also gives the information most people do not think about when creating just a single back up of all their important document.

Biometic Locks – Good or Bad

We all know that technology of the future is being developed every day and some of it is pretty far out there.  I’m sure many people find themselves thinking “wow, I never thought that idea would take off.”  It just so happens I am personally not a fan of Biometric safes.

Although this is supposed to be one of the most secure lock styles available, there are certainly flaws with the idea.  Safes with biometric locks generally come with the capability of programming so many prints into the lock – making it accessible by a certain group of people.  However, most people don’t think of that, and only program their own personal print.  In this case, if that person is away on vacation and has documents in the safe that are needed right away, they can’t just give their code to a friend and have them open it.  This is frustrating for the owner of the safe.

I came across a blog the other day writing about Biometric Safes.  The author points out good points, that it is the safe of the future and many thieves don’t mess with them, however it doesn’t point out the headache it can cause the customer. Until these locks are more user friendly and bugs are worked out of them, I suggest sticking with an electronic lock, in my personal opinion.

TRTL 30×6

I have never seen a safe so impressive until I saw these safes.  The Mutual TRTLx30x6 is a torch and tool resistant safe on all six side for 30 minutes.  This is not something you will find in any other safe except for these.

Those that are looking to protect items of high value and items that need to be protected from normal every day use are stored in these.  I once had someone tell me they had to wear monitors for radioactive substances to open the safe because of what was stored in it.  That should give you an idea just how secure these safes are.

I was doing some searching over the weekend about these safes and came across a pretty good blog.  The “Is a TRTLx30x6 safe for you” article gives just some general knowledge most people want to know about the safe.