Hollon Hotel Safe HHS-715


Hotel safes are great in settings in which users are going to be changing on a frequent basis.  It’s a comforting feeling to be staying somewhere that supplies a safe to lock your  important belongings up when you have to be gone.  This could be a headache for the owners if it was a safe in which the code was not easily reset like this hotel safe is.  With this Hollon HHS-715 the guests check out, the hotel safe is wiped fresh and a new code can be set once a new guest checks in.

Fire Fyter Fireproof Safes

I have been writting recently about Fire Fyter’s Fireproof Safe manufacturing being stopped in the USA and being moved to China.  The models that are listed on ValueSafes website are currently as of this writting made in Ohio.  As they sell out of stock we will be marking them as sold out until they get the Chinese models shiped. 

So you have a limited time to get a made in the USA safe.  People have asked if the prices will go down once they are in stock from China.   I don’t know that answer on these fireproof safe models.  However, if its like other things they may drop a bit in the begining just to get the brand moving again. 

We are still waiting to see if our favorite made in the USA fireproof safes will be of decent quality once shipments start coming in.  I will remove the made in the USA label once they are in so as long as you see the label and its in stock you will know they from Ohio.  Until then you can check them out here Fire Fyter Fireproof Safes.

Fireproof Home Safe

If you need to keep your valuable belongings and your home safe, then a fireproof home safe will be a good idea. You can store all kinds of valuable like jewelry or important documents. Fireproof home safe can also protect your belongings from theft and also from fire. It has been tested safes and labels them values depending on their resistance and durability. Fireproof home safe also protect your valuable from burglary, too. Fireproof home safe are not just to keep your valuables with sentimental value, but also for items of monetary value, too. The differences between safest at a bank and at home is a fireproof home safe at home is that you can access it whenever you want.

It is very important to know if every fireproof home safe are more likely just fire-resistant, not fireproof. Some of the fireproof home safes are more fireproof than others, its better to get it home to safe your home.

Wall Safes

I wanted to take the time out to discuss some pro’s and con’s of Wall SafesValueSafes sells many different models from High Security Wall Safes, Fireproof Wall Safes, Hidden Wall Safes, and just affordable Wall Safes.  This will be a practicle discussion. I welcome anyone to leave feedback of their experiences to add to this article. 

First lets look at the varying qualities of wall safes.  Prices start from $59.00 and go up to as much as $700.  They all have one security feature in common.  Thier hidden.  Nobody can find them.  Thus the old saying about “Out of sight Out of mind” comes into play.  If a thief can’t find the safe. How can he break into it?  This is the top feature of ALL wall safes

Now lets think about what happens if a thief finds it. (Heaven forbid but it does happen) First most thieves DON’T come with tools. Most come empty handed and want to leave with their hands full.  They don’t come running straight for the wall safe with a crow bar in hand. 

But lets say they did come into the house with a crow bar in hand.  How would a wall safe hold up in a real attack? Well, they will get into the $59 wall safe pretty darn quick….like gone in 60 seconds quick.  Depressing and scary t0 think about…I know I wouldn’t want that to happen to me!

Lets look a little closer. The door is sealed by a key operated cam lock on this small model and the metal in pretty thin.  Now lets say its a model that uses a Dial or keypad?  Hmmm, not as quick but with time they can pry the door open.  How much time will vary upon the tools used and the strength of the person whacking on the wall safes.  (Are you starting to get nervous about buying a wall safe…keep reading)

Okay, lets say I install a B Rated Wall Safe.  Drill resistant hardplate. Group II dial combination.  Multiple mounting holes for attaching to the wooden studs.  This one is not gonna get pryed open.  It would be an absolute monster with big teeth holding onto the wood studs!  But if the wood or wall gives way the thief can take the safe with him and work on opening at home.

The moral of the story is….

1.Wall Safes are best for keeping out “sticky fingers”. 

2.Attach the Wall Safe with all mounting hardware so it is as secure as possible.

3.Find a good place to hide the safe.

4.You will get what you pay for in a wall safe if a real thief attacks it.

Remember to think of your home in layers of security. Good Deadbolts and window locks.  Sliding doors need more than a wooden dowl rod to keep them from opening. Alarms are an interior layer that should be considered.  Wall Safes are great and work great if the above layers are in place. 

If the above layers are not in place, I would give thought to where I was putting the safe. (attic spaces are rarely looked into because they are so out of the way for theives) If I couldn’t find a place that I was totally convinced that nobody would find, I would rethink getting a wall safe…unless its for keeping out “sticky fingers”.

Take a look at ValueSafes for an excellant selection or give them a call to check into this a little more deeply.