Data/Media Safes: The Endless Advantages

media safe

Having a safe in your home or office not only protects treasured items and important documents; but it also can help to bring you and your family peace of mind. Decades ago, it was common for average households to have at least one small safe in which to store irreplaceable items; but today, many people think that safes are only for the wealthy. This just isn’t true. Everyone can benefit from having a safe in the home; keeping jewelry, heirlooms, and documents protected.


These days, what we store on our personal computers is just as valuable, or even more so, than tangible items. Imagine the mania you and your family would experience if there was a fire or flood that destroyed all of your computer files. Everyone should be thinking about where they are storing their backup discs, software, and flash drives.


Hopefully, your precious information is being stored in a data safe; and if not, here’s why it should be:


  • Data safes offer you more fire protection than any other type of storage. Electronic data items are ruined in temperatures above 125 degrees F. Keeping these items in a data safe will assure you that they will be there, and be functional, when you need them.


  • Data safes are perfect for keeping your CD’s and tapes protected.  Safes are not just for important legal items or valuable jewelry; your music and film collection will be much better off in a data safe, than a dusty shelf where they are exposed to various types of damage.


  • Storing your media in a safe helps you and your family stay organized. Often, our backup CD’s and flash drives are tossed about from one drawer to the next or from room to room. What good are they, if you can’t place your finger on the information when you need it? In a data safe, you will always know where your media files are, and that they are protected.


  • Our data safes come in various sizes and prices to suit everyone’s needs and budget. For home, you may only need a small safe for a few CD’s and a flash drive; but for business, you may require quite a bit more space.


Remember, water damage can be as severe as fire damage. Many people live and work in hurricane areas, prone to flooding. Two or three feet of water can ruin laptops, phones, and tablets. This is why it is crucial that you remember to backup all of your information in a way that allows you to store it in a protective environment, and not just on your devices, which can be easily destroyed. A media safe is a small expense, when you consider the potential loss.

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