Fireproof safes – A good investment in document security

Fireproof Safes

Chances are, you have a number of documents in your home or business that would be difficult, if not impossible to replace if they were lost in a fire.  That’s where good fireproof safes come in.  Fireproof safes are tested under actual fire conditions to make certain that the contents remain safe from damage due to the fire and damage due to the water used to put out the fire.

Fireproof safes have special layers of fireproof insulation designed to keep temperatures inside the safe low during a fire.  And they have special heat sensitive door seals that expand when heated to seal the contents off from water damage.  Make certain the safe you buy is fireproof – look for a 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour fireproof rating.  You can also kill two birds with one stone by getting a fireproof safe that is also burglary rated — look for a TL 15 or TL 30 rating.  For more information on fireproof safes.

It’s time to buy a Safe.

The importance of having a Safe is growing on a daily basis.  With the loss of employment and faith in our financial institutions.  Crime and financial problems are on the increase this year.  Though it may not be showing up in the statistics yet, I think it will be glaring at us in a year from now.  Many of us have something or other that is valuable at our home or office. The safety and security of these valuable things is very important. These items can be anything like files, jewelery, certificates, property papers, cash and gold. It is very important to save them properly because if these things get lost once, they often cannot be replaced.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep these things safe and secure is having a security safe. There are many places from where you can purchase a safe. Before you go and purchase a safe, make sure what it is exactly you want to store inside them. (I get a lot of folks that need to double check the size of their stuff before they make a purchase) There are many types of safes that are available for selection. Some of them are fire resistant safes, fireproof safes, waterproof safes, burglar proof safes etc.

But before you run to Walmart and  purchase any old Safe, do not forget to get professional advice as it can help you choose products that can are best suited to your requirements. Safes that are presently manufactured are specially designed keeping certain needs of people in mind. A basic safe is meant to guard your precious things but may not provide complete protection from burglars. Also it might not be able to protect your documents and files from fire.

Safes are usually tested under various conditions to ensure proper safety. All the safes that are available come in different shapes and sizes. Their cost varies according to their size and features.  Don’t just buy something to say “I gotta a safe!”  There are many times that I advise people to hold off purchasing a safe until they can afford to purchase the proper model for their security needs.  For a great selection check out this site to purchase a SAFE

Fire Fyter Safes moves manufacturing overseas

Fire Fyter Safes announced it is moving manufacturing overseas.  We will have to stay tuned to see if quality can be maintained.  This will take a bite out the back sides of the people in Ohio and I’m feeling pretty let down regarding Fire Fyter.  The were the last entry level safe to be made in the USA.

We will have to stand by and wait to see if things go well for Fire Fyter Safes after this move.  I know it doesn’t help the USA.  But I have yet to see the Chinese version. I will let you know as soon as I know.

Diamond Back Gun Safe GS5924H

Diamond Back Gun Safe model GS5924H.   New and redesigned model.   This is the first in the H series with larger 1 1/2 inch bolts.   Same 10 gage steel for body but with added plating in the door makes this unit all the stronger.   The is also an upgraded lock by Sargent & Greenleaf, made in Kentucky and designed for a life time.     This is the dial lock that the others would like to be.   Hinges and door steel upgraded.   Along with an increase in depth  over  the old model.

1 hour fireproof   for those needing more protection against fire.   Perhaps you have heard me rave about the “L” series as a great quality budget priced safe.   Well, this unit is a great quality upgraded version.   Worth the extra cost.   Compare this to Cannon Safe Dangerous Game series.  There is a difference in price between Diamond Back and Cannon Safes.   First is the paint jobs.   Only Cannon can be ordered with a High Gloss Finish.   Where Diamond Back Gun Safes

Second is warrenty.   Where Diamond Back Gun Safe comes with 1 year.   Cannon Safes come with a lifetime warrenty against fire and burglary.   I said BURGLARY.     Which means…..if a burglar attempts to break into it.   Damaging the safe.   Cannon Safe will replace it…for life.   BUT pay attention to the cost.   Buying a Cannon is like purchasing a safe with an exteded warrenty.   Some other item to notice is that while Cannon Safes has been very busy the last year.   Some of its customers are having a hard time collecting on the lifetime warrenty.   Don’t if it has stayed that way.   But its something to process.   Nobody ever has a problem with Diamond Back Gun Safes.   Nice folks, and you will get a real person that answers the phone.   Prompt service if you have any problems.

Third is the interior on a Diamond Back Gun Safe cannot be accused of being “plush”.   Because its not.   It is nicely lined with a basic grey liner.   No option for upgrades.   But Diamond Back Gun Safes are available for immediate shipping.   Where a Cannon Safe will take around 6 weeks or more.   Check our prices at we normally have both manufacturers on sale and with free shipping.

One last insider note about gun safes.   Most won’t tell you…actually most don’t know!   Both Diamond and Cannon come from the same factory in China but in different stages of finish.   Don’t let that scare you away.   Most gun safes, even those that claim “American Made”, all are made in one of 4 factories in China.   Again in different stages of being finished.   Don’t get me wrong there are still some American brands.   But the price is through the roof on these units.   Normally they are “over built”.   I realize that sounds funny when you want a high quality Gun Safe.   But just to put bolts every 6 inches is really stupid!   Crowbars are going to have a very difficult time getting into anything that is CDOJ rated.

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