Load and Lock: The Importance of Gun Safes

Gun SafesMost firearm owners know the importance of safely handling and storing their guns, not to mention ensuring that they are out of the reach of children or others in the home who should not have access to firearms. Gun safes are great for maintaining a secure and protected location to keep your rifles, pistols and any ammunition or accessories.


Firearm safes have been around for many years as one of the most common methods of securing guns within a home or business. In addition to other locking devices, like trigger locks and loading indicators, safes prevent unintentional tampering or access by children by keeping your guns not only out of their sight, but also out of their reach.


In fact, gun safes are one of the best ways to remain in compliance with the law in some states. In Massachusetts, firearms must always be kept in either a sealed and locked container or outfitted with a tamper-resistant locking mechanism, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. In addition, California, Connecticut and New York also mandate locks in certain circumstances, such as during sales or if cohabitating with individuals with a criminal record or history of mental health. Seven other states also require locks in sales situations.


Gun safes also generally are large enough to accommodate any extra ammunition that you may have. While most people think that locking up a gun is sufficient, if a child gets access to live rounds, they may inadvertently set it off, which could result in a tragic accident. Securing your ammunition with your gun keeps them both secure, and offers the added bonus of allowing you to keep everything you need for enjoyment of your firearm in one convenient place.


Many safes are also capable of holding additional paperwork or valuables, making them a great option for keeping treasured items and any important documents for your firearm, your business or even your personal information. Value Safes carries a great selection of Winchester gun safes to keep your firearms. Available in a range of colors, styles and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home. Take a look at our inventory, or give us a call today for more information.



Fireproof Gun Safe model GS5940H

Diamond Back Gun Safe model GS5940H.   Is the largest in Diamond Back Gun Safe lineup.   It is made to the exacting standards of the companies owner, Keith Lavarnay.     Also,  a division of Cobalt Safes BUT nothing to do with the old company that produced “Cobalt Gun Safes”.   They went out of business years ago.   Before Cobalt Safes was born.   The “H” series standards for Gun Safes is top notch in the import line up of Gun Safes.

* 10 Gage Steel for body and door. Plus an added plate of steel within the door. PLUS, hardplate over the lock. Far exceeding CDOJ rating for firearm container.

* S&G group II lock with relocker and spyproof ring. Whats a spyproof ring?   Its so only the person dialing the combo can see the numbers being dialed.

*Huge ball bearing hinges to support the door when open and protect against breakin.

*1 Hour Fireproof Safe protection.

*Adjustable shelving for interior.   Can be used for guns or storage of a varity of objects.

* Multiple bolt down predrilled holes on floor.   For supperior theft protection.

*Massive, over 4 inchs, thick door with back up bolt assembly making it extremly difficult if not impossible to pry bar open.

*Predrilled plugged hole for addition of a dehumidifier to keep contents dry and mold free.

*Semi gloss black paint extended life finish that is easy to repair scratches.   Giving a lifetime of use and a good looking finish.

Now if you are like me. I like to compare products that are similar from other companies.  Hollon Safe company has a line called the “Republic”. Which almost the exact same safe regarding fireproof for 1 hour. Bolt size and steel thickness.  They do have a better lock set up than the Diamond Back. Plus they have a high gloss finish which is very nice to look at. The comparable model would be the RG-39 Gun Safe

It is important to read my other comments in this post regarding Diamond Back Gun Safes.   I try not to repeat myself too much.   So you will read other tidbits about Gun Safes on the other areas.

Fireproof safes – A good investment in document security

Fireproof Safes

Chances are, you have a number of documents in your home or business that would be difficult, if not impossible to replace if they were lost in a fire.  That’s where good fireproof safes come in.  Fireproof safes are tested under actual fire conditions to make certain that the contents remain safe from damage due to the fire and damage due to the water used to put out the fire.

Fireproof safes have special layers of fireproof insulation designed to keep temperatures inside the safe low during a fire.  And they have special heat sensitive door seals that expand when heated to seal the contents off from water damage.  Make certain the safe you buy is fireproof – look for a 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour fireproof rating.  You can also kill two birds with one stone by getting a fireproof safe that is also burglary rated — look for a TL 15 or TL 30 rating.  For more information on fireproof safes.

Mutual Gun Safes MS-5922

Mutual Gun Safes model MS-5922

Lets start by looking at the fireproof material used on the MS-5922 gun safe.  The use of a sheetrock fireboard material and the U.L. approved heat activated door seal provide enough protection to protect from fires. The Mutual Gun Safe is lab tested in a oven chamber at 1760 degrees degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.  While staying at or below 350 internal.  Lots of people ask me “Why 350 degrees?” because just above that tempature paper starts to char and can flash fire at 400 degrees.  So this is very good protection from a house fire.

The Mutual Gun Safe is also equipped with a full arsenal of anti-burglary features.

1.The locking bolts are a massive one inch in diameter.

2.There are at least three dead bolts facing the hinge side, one active bolt at the top, and at least five active bolts along the closing side.

3. The lock is protected from punch-out attempts by a Manganese (HRC 60 hardness) hardplate.

4. The LaGard Dial Lock is a Group II lock and has a spring-loaded relocker. (LaGard is an American lock maker, excellant reputation)

5. There are two bolt-down holes predrilled at the bottom of the safe that accommodate standard 1/2″ bolts to keep the safe where it is meant to stay.

5. 10 Gauge steel which is the largest size used just before you increase to plating.  Many popular gun safe brands you see around are actually a thinner guage of steel such as 14 or 16….larger number means thiner steel. Many of these safes use a 1 inch bolt on their safe too but because the steel is thinner the wall of the safe expands when it gets crowbar attacked.  I personally suggest not to get anything thinner than a 10 guage steel.

These features make the Mutual Gun Safe MS-5922 an excellant choice for a gun safe.  To get a better look see MS-5922.

It’s time to buy a Safe.

The importance of having a Safe is growing on a daily basis.  With the loss of employment and faith in our financial institutions.  Crime and financial problems are on the increase this year.  Though it may not be showing up in the statistics yet, I think it will be glaring at us in a year from now.  Many of us have something or other that is valuable at our home or office. The safety and security of these valuable things is very important. These items can be anything like files, jewelery, certificates, property papers, cash and gold. It is very important to save them properly because if these things get lost once, they often cannot be replaced.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep these things safe and secure is having a security safe. There are many places from where you can purchase a safe. Before you go and purchase a safe, make sure what it is exactly you want to store inside them. (I get a lot of folks that need to double check the size of their stuff before they make a purchase) There are many types of safes that are available for selection. Some of them are fire resistant safes, fireproof safes, waterproof safes, burglar proof safes etc.

But before you run to Walmart and  purchase any old Safe, do not forget to get professional advice as it can help you choose products that can are best suited to your requirements. Safes that are presently manufactured are specially designed keeping certain needs of people in mind. A basic safe is meant to guard your precious things but may not provide complete protection from burglars. Also it might not be able to protect your documents and files from fire.

Safes are usually tested under various conditions to ensure proper safety. All the safes that are available come in different shapes and sizes. Their cost varies according to their size and features.  Don’t just buy something to say “I gotta a safe!”  There are many times that I advise people to hold off purchasing a safe until they can afford to purchase the proper model for their security needs.  For a great selection check out this site to purchase a SAFE

Media Safes offer extra protection against Fire

Media safes are to protect your disks audio/video media such as video and cassette tapes from fire and climate fluctuations. Media safes can be more fragile than a paper documents and require additional protection to safe. For media safes the interior temperature should be under 135 degrees and the humidity level below 85 percent. Media safes protect your valuable data from fire, theft or climate changes. Media safes can stand against fire and climate fluctuations to protect your valuable data.

Media safes are need for all business or home office. Security protection for vital information is essential for any business company which incurs fire damage in critical loss of data by not utilizing quality fire and media safes. Your valuable data remains safe with media safes, and it will give your data complete protection.

Diamond Back Gun Safes Fireproof Model GS5936H

GS5936H from Diamond Back Gun Safes.  This is a new size model made to the specifications of the other “H” series models.  Excellant Gun Safe value.  We sell 5 brands of Gun Safes right now and will be adding a 6th. But Diamond Back has my vote for best quality for the price.  This model is made with 10 gage steel just like ALL Diamond Back Gun Safe models. 

Bolts are are a whopping 1 1/2 inches each.  Which is huge and next to impossible to crowbar when locking into a 10 gage steel wall.  I say next to impossible more for legal reasons.  I have never heard of anyone crowbaring open a Diamond Back Gun Safe.  Which says something of the quality and materials!  There is also drill resistant hardplate over the lock that must be melted and cannot be drilled into.  Pushing this model into the area of “Far Exceeds CDOJ Ratings”. 

Lock is one of the best made dial locks in the world.  S&G is made in Kentucky by the Stanley Corporation.  Great design and great quality.  Spring loaded relocker as well as spyproof dial.  You can also get a keypad on this unit.  Such as the Lagard basic.  Made by Lagard for commercial safes.  One of the best keypads in the industry, especially for the price.  I normally suggest going with an electronic keypad like the LaGard keypad for Gun Safes.  Because the last thing you want to be doing is dialing a dial, in a panic, while an intruder is busting down your door.  Keypads just offer the quickest access in the safe industry.  Even better than biometric locks that read your fingerprint. (Biometric locks have a tendency to get dirty or miss read your fingerprint. I have written more under biometric locks).

Fireproof for one hour and double predrilled holes in bottom of safe so that it can be secured to the foundation.  This keeps the fire out and “Bubba” from putting it on a hand truck to pull it out of the house.  (Gotta keep an eye on Bubba.) One hour is very good fire protection in any residential or commercial fire. 

Free shipping is also included in this model and for most of the US there is no tax.  This safe by Diamond Back Gun Safes gets my “Valuesafes seal of approval” for quality and price point.  Check us out at www.ValueSafes.com

Diamond Back Gun Safe GS5928L

Diamond Back Fireproof  Gun Safe model GS5928L is a half an hour fireproof safe.  Very good value in size.  Comes with two bolt holes.  Extra secure for bolting to the ground.  When this model was first sold it had a tendecy to tip forward when the door was open.  This was due to the weight of the safe and narrowness of the body.  But not anymore!  They fixed that several years ago.  Without compromising the thickness of the door.  I would still bolt it to the ground for security reasons.

I have had a lot of coments on the pallet that this one has built into it.  The pallet is two metal rail type pieces that come bolted to the bottom.  It doesn’t come shipped on a wooden pallet.  It came be a little cumberson to unbolt.  Unlike on a wooden pallet.  That you would just cut the strap on the Fireproof Gun Safe and wiggle to the floor to be handcarted around.  No, this one must be leaned forward and held while someone unbolts the gun safe from the rail.  Its not as hard as it sounds and can be done by one person.

10 Gage steel is rare to find in a gun safe.  Especially in the under $3000. range.   But this one has it!  Its normal retail is around $950 in gun shops and local locksmiths.  Valuesafes always has it on sale and with free shipping to your home.  I would like to point out something.  If inflation stays on it current path world wide.  I will not be surprised to see the price of this model jump considerably.  Or be redesigned with a 12 or even 14 gage steel.  (I will anounce it on our website to inform anyone of changes in the quality of this safe) BUT for today, I think if you are looking for a fireproof gun safe.  With a 30 min fire protection. Top quality but on a budget.  This is one to consider.  I would put this one in first place position when considering also. 

Be sure to check out more writtings in this section on Diamond Back Gun Safes.  I try not to bore people with repeat information.  You may also wish to check out more reviews at www.safesblog.com I am not sure if they have commented on this unit yet.  But leave a little feedback if you own one.

Diamond Back Gun Safes GS5922L

Diamond Back Gun Safes have a model GS5922L that I think is one of the best buys in small gun safes.  For those of you that have never heard of Diamond Back Gun Safes this will be good information for you.  Diamond Back Gun Safe is a division of Cobalt Safes.  Which is a major importer of safes.  Very few safes are actually made in the States anymore.(I know, it makes me sad too)  Until you get to units costing thousands of dollars.  Which this one is considered an excellant medium grade gun safe.  Equiped with drill resistant hard plate, relocker, 30 min fireproof fire rating, (9) 1 inch bolts incased in a 10 gage steel body.  Saaaweeet!  Also meets and far exceeds CDOJ (California Dept of Justice)

Compared to Sentry gun safe or a Honeywell gun safe.  These are truelly a huge cut above and the next step up in quality.   The negative on them is they only come in semi-gloss black.  OR semi-gloss black.  So much for choice.  But the color is very is to repair scratches or blemishes.  Diamond Back Gun Safe can supply a bit of black paint.  But any semi-gloss black paint will do.  Just run by you local automotive parts store and you should find some or even a your local hardware store.  Easy to repair.  Which is important.  We all move at one time or another.  With the average person moving every 7 years. (I  heard that somewhere…)  You are bound to scratch it in your move.  Note: The high gloss finish of a Cannon or American Security do scratch easy and have to be repaired by an automotive repair shop.  That high gloss sure looks good though. 

My estimate on this safe, when its bolted down, is very good against a prybar attack.  10 gage steel just doesn’t bend much and the door thickness will keep a prybar from getting a good grip on it.  So this one is a favorite for the budget minded gun safe person. 

The Diamond Back gun safe model GS5922L does have a slight downside.  That is I wish it came with a Sargent & Greenleaf dial lock.  But instead it only comes with an import lock.  Its not a bad lock, I just really like the S&G locks made in Kentucky.  Now then the H series do have a S&G dial lock on them.  But other than that we got many positive comments on this safe from customers.