Gun Rules You Shouldn’t Forget

fireproof safe

The new shooter is in a great position to learn about gun safety and operation. Those who are new to hunting and shooting haven’t had a chance to develop the bad habits that so many other people have. The first and most important thing to learn about your new firearm is firearm safety. There are five basic rules of firearm safety that all shooters and hunters should know:

1.) Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
2.) Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
3.) Always treat every gun as if it’s loaded.
4.) Always be certain of your target and what’s behind it.
5.) Always wear eye protection.
6.) Always keep your firearm safely stored in a fireproof safe when not using it.

Every Business Owner Needs This

depository safeEvery small business owner needs a safe place to store cash and important documents. Depository safes are the best choice for storing money on a business premises. These safes work so well because they are drill resistant; contain active relockers, and ½-inch steel doors.

Any business that deals with multiple employees and cash needs a depository safe. If you’ve ever dealt with a short deposit, missing money, or been robbed, you know the importance of having a strong safe on hand. Keeping a safe at your place of business with allow you and your employees piece of mind.