Hollon Safes

Hollon Safes

We have just started carrying the Hollon Safes on our site. I’ve known about them for a long time however, they have always been a little more expensive than similar brands like Cobalt Safe or Gardall Safes.  That is until recently.  In the spring both companies had a huge 30% increase in wholesale prices.  Well, that made the Hollon Safes a much better deal.

Quality of Hollon Safes has always been a little better than similar type safes made from other manufacturers.  They have a tendency to put in more bolts in their safes. Take for instance the Cobalt SB-02c it has 3 bolts on the door opening side and 3 fixed bolts on the hinge side. (Gardall model FB-2013 is the same as the SB-02c) However, when you open the Hollon Safe HS-685 you see three bolts on the door opening side, 1 bolt going into the top, and another going into the bottom. PLUS a 1 inch thick locking bar that goes from top to bottom.  That is the thickest hinge side locking bar in the industry that I am aware of.

Safes Lock: Notice that Hollon Safe is equiping ALL thier safes with a Group 1 Electronic lock.  They have moved away from lesser secure Group II dials that other manufacturers are using.  The CE Digital lock comes with “LockOut” technology that has a time delay feature and is activated if the wrong number is entered more than 3 times. The lock will reset after 10 minutes for correct code entry. Did I mention is was a High security Group I lock? This is much more secure than a dial as dial can have a “Safe Dialer” machine hooked to it and automactically dial open the safe within hours!  This keypad also has an 8-bit micro processor chip with NON-Volitale memory. It maintains customer code even without batteries. Your secret code can program with 4-16 digits. (more code options) Its also free to change the code on when ever you want. Unlike dials that require a locksmith to change the combination. Cost is around $75 each time you want to change the code.  Many people ask me if a dial will outlast a keypad in a fire.  Both the dial and the keypad is ruined after a fire.  Keypads are also not suseptable to “drifting” like a dial will. (Drifting is when a dials code gets changed through use. The code maybe 25-50-75 and then it shifts and becomes 26-50-75.  But the dial doesn’t tell it shifted. You just can’t get into the safe one day)

Popular brands of Dials are Sargent & Greenleaf or LaGard.  Both established themselves as leaders in the field and were considered long lasting and made in Kentucky.  However, both companies have since been sold and both companies now make thier locks in the “eastern part” of the USA known as China.  I have found these Chinese dials to not be up to the original manufacture quality.  These locks have a nasty reputation for drift and wearing out due assembly quality and parts.  However, if you speak with your local locksmith he may not be aware of the changes and he may state that “These dials will last forever”.  (Do you know of anything mechanical that lasts forever?  Me either.) 

To wrap things up Hollon Safes are really offering a superior quality safe and has done more to protect their customers than most competitive safes.  Check out their 2 Hour Fire & Burglary Safes.

LaGard Audit Locks and Software Compatibility

LaGard Audit Lock and its Compatability.

LaGard Audit locks have been around for many years now and have become one of the most reliable locks used in tracking events at a safe.  It does take a computer to download the information to the lock.  Which is not a problem until recently.   With the new introduction of Windows Vista however, things have changed.  And the software that is loaded on the computer is not compatible with Windows Vista.  It is compatible with EVERYTHING else in the industry.

The AuditGard is a multi-user electronic combination lock that provides superior access control. The lock can be programmed with a Controller, a Manager and eight Users. The AuditGard has a 512 event audit with time and date stamp. Other programmable features include Dual Token (eKey or eKey II), Dual Combination, Time Delay, Time Delay Override (User 9), Silent Alarm, and Remote Signal Override to disable the lock. The AuditGard electronic lock series was designed to increase accountability in the commercial safe market.

The Windowsâ„¢ based LG-Audit Setup Software has a user-friendly interface, which allows the lock to be configured directly from a PC. Software features include the ability to vary combination lengths, user activation, lock mode selection, external signal mode selection (used with the 2789 and 4002 alarm boxes) and the setting of time delay values. The LG-View Auditing Software is an essential tool for loss prevention, featuring a searchable audit trail with time and date stamp which provides knowledge of who accessed the lock and when.
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