Reasons to Add a Drawer Safe to Your Office

You could fit it under your desk (if you’re in a cubicle like setting) and you could put cash, jewelry, expensive headphones, tablet devices and other valuables that you’re afraid someone might snag after hours.


One thing about working in an office is this: you never know who is going to end up being around your desk! You spend countless hours at your office and you’re bound to have some things there which you don’t want nosy neighbors or the cleaning staff having access to, right? Since you can’t be guarding your office space at all times, it’s nice to know things like drawer safes exist where you can store your valuables.


Here’s a scenario: you have your personal iPad at work. It cost you several hundred dollars and you don’t let just anybody use it. It’s the one you brought from home, with pictures of your family on it. You want to have it at work for use during your break time, but you don’t want to leave it on your desk, in your purse/bag, or anywhere where someone could randomly pick it up and start looking through your personal pictures and stuff. Where are you going to put it? A drawer safe is the perfect place for it.


Value Safes sells the Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23. It’s the kind of safe every person who works in an office setting should have– a secure way to store valuables so others don’t take them.


A drawer safe adds a feeling of privacy and security to your office. It’s a small-yet-sturdy place to lock away cash, keys, credit cards, important paperwork, jewelry, medications and even weapons. Having all your very important “stuff” in a drawer safe is a good idea because then you know where everything is– it’s all in one spot rather than scattered about the office.


The other nice thing about a drawer safe is that it can be placed in a way that not everyone sees it. Sure, a cleaning person might know it’s there, but the average person doesn’t have to even know it exists if it’s hidden from view. Keeping things in a drawer safe gives you some needed privacy at work.


Drawer safes today use electronic locks and spring loaded doors; Value Safes’ Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23 involves entering a code to gain access to what’s inside the safe. Then the spring opens the door automatically. It’s easy-to-use.


The safe can fit into a cabinet, inside a closet, or be placed on a shelf. It’s 50 pounds and can be bolted to the floor or wall if needed. It’s convenient.


Specifically, the Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23 has a thick solid steel-plate door, two motorized active chrome locking bolts, and a programmable digital electronic keypad. Operating on 4 “AA” batteries, the safe comes with a mechanical key override should the code get forgotten or the batteries run out. The exterior is a powder coat finish and the velvet interior includes dividers. It’s a well-made safe, worthy of storing your valuables.


Value Safes of Port Charlotte, Florida, is a family-owned business that ships direct from manufacturers to you. To ask any questions about the Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23 or safes in general, email or call 1-877-629-6214.



This Could Save Your Life in 2015: Be Safe at Home, Work, and School

Safety is something that everyone should be thinking about, regardless of where they are. The fact of the matter is that no matter where you are, you have to think about protecting yourself, the ones you love, and your valuables.

Keeping You Safe at Home

According to Safewise, 60% of burglars will use forcible entry into your home, while a staggering 30% can get into your home without any force at all- they come in through unlocked doors and windows! First and foremost, always make sure windows and doors are locked. This could mean the difference of someone walking away with your stuff unnoticed. According to this PDF from the Bureau of Justice Statistics there are also many victims of violence when burglary is committed- so it’s not just your belongings to be worried about.
There are some fairly inexpensive ways to deter burglars from your home. One is to enlist the help of friends whenever you’re away on vacation- have them collect mail and newspapers for you, so that no one is tipped off that you’ve been gone. Also, keeping your lawn neatly trimmed will give burglars less places to hide and even make them easier to spot. A Secure Life even suggests having a dog around, so they can help protect the home. Lastly, pretend there are people inside, even if no one is home. You can leave the TV/lights on, or you can pretend to wave to an imaginary person, so anyone who is watching will think there is someone inside.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe at Home

high security safeIf you have valuables in your home that you want to keep safe, consider investing in a high security safe. These safes are wonderful for protecting valuables in your home and have some great features. Between the electronic locks, the fire resistant exteriors, and the burglary resistant handles this is a safe that would give you piece of mind about the items you wish to keep safe.
Even if there is a fire in your home, this safe will leave your documents, jewelry, and other valuables protected and away from the elements.

Keeping You Safe at Work

Everyone has to go to work with an assortment of characters, and with just one wrong move there are times where you can feel unsafe around them. But how do you protect yourself at work and remain professional?
The first thing you can do, as an employee or an employer, is to be aware that things can happen. Whether it’s a problem with a specific employee or even a complete stranger, emergencies and other negative events can occur in the work place. “I could never imagine it happening here,” a line that Mark Sanborn mentions in an Entrepreneur article, is one that is often said in regards to these sorts of tragedies at the workplace. Being realistic and aware is the first step.
Awareness on its own is not enough, so there are times when you will have to rely on others. Get advice from law enforcement officials about what to do in certain situations. For the employees, make sure you check with your employer to see what the emergency plans are. Drills should be performed to employees know what actions to take in certain emergencies. McGruff reminds us that there are some personal measures we can take to stay safe as well.
Some of these tips include not staying late at the office by yourself, and to find a way to store things like a wallet or purse in a place that is hidden, like a deep drawer at your desk. Also, if there are any visitors or strangers that make you uncomfortable at work then management should be told immediately.

Keeping Valuables Safe at Work

wall safe
This particular safe is a wall safe. These are wonderful for work because there are not as many opportunities to store safes somewhere convenient, so using your wall for space really helps. This particular model is very deep and can allow for extra storage.
This sturdy safe has an electronic key lock along with a one hour fire rating. Wall safes are great for accessibility, but these models won’t allow just anyone in.

Keeping You Safe at School

One place that teens and young adults really need to be safe is on their college campus. We found some really great tips from Dr. Phil’s website about how to keep you safe.
The first is to never walk alone. Whether its other students, faculty or strangers there are plenty of horror stories about what can happen on campuses. This is especially true if you have somewhere to go at night. Another is to limit your alcohol, or anything else that can impair judgment or reaction time, including listening to music while you walk.
When it comes to your dorm, there are some other tips as well. One is to make sure that your hall’s door, along with your own door, gets closed and locked. You want to protect your belongings. Along with this, make sure that you’re extra careful with your keys. You can’t always depend on your roommate to let you in, as they will probably have a different schedule than you. If you take some belongings to the library or any other public area, don’t leave your stuff alone. It’s best to do homework in a group or with a friend.
It’s also a good idea to know the numbers of any security, campus safety, and escort services for your campus.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe at School

drawer safe  A drawer safe is an excellent option for someone wanting to keep their belongings safe at school. It is smaller than most safes and works well for dorms rooms which can often times be small as it is. You can store important documents and other valuables; this way even your roommate won’t be able to get at everything.
This compact safe is perfect for your student away from home.
Have any questions or concerns about the safety of you, your family, or your belongings? Feel free to contact Value Safes today! We would love to hear from you!

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