Is It Good To Rely On Your Dog For Your Home Security?

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This is an important question that every homeowner should ask. Your dog is a member of your family, a beloved and treasured member. Is it really a good idea to allow him to be your only means of keeping your home secure?
The short answer is no. Security systems, safes and alarms are much more reliable, do not need to take sick days, and not likely to be at risk from an intruder. Your dog, as a living being, can be subject to illness and is very vulnerable if an intruder enters your home.
Of course dogs with loud and intimidating barks can be very good deterrents and dissuade someone from entering your home uninvited. But training your dog, who has come to you for his own needs for security, cuddles, and food, to be the sole source of security for your family and your home, is simply foolhardy. A family dog cannot be relied upon to keep your family safe.
Yes, dogs have been known for their heroism in fire and with burglaries, but it isn’t wise to put that kind of responsibility on your pet. He may herald an intruder, but he alone cannot stop one. And often training a dog for security only, robs that animal of the connection to his humans and their affection. It also robs the humans the joy of having a pet in the first place.
Security systems that are made to contact the police or fire department, are easier for neighbors to hear and respond to than your dog. A dog barking is not something unusual, and not necessarily a red flag to them. But a loud alarm, the kind that comes with a home security system definitely gets everyone’s attention and puts people into survival mode which may save their lives.
And finally, often when people with dogs leave the home, they gate off an area of the house to keep the animal safe and less likely to leave unwanted messes around the home. Even guard dogs that may be left outside during the day, are usually leashed to keep them in one area of the yard. This leaves other parts of the house as easily accessible to an intruder.
Even if your dog is a barking deterrent or alert system, it is not best to entrust your family’s and home’s safety only to your pet. Allow your dog to be your pet and cherished family member. You both will enjoy each other so much more.

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