Load and Lock: The Importance of Gun Safes

Gun SafesMost firearm owners know the importance of safely handling and storing their guns, not to mention ensuring that they are out of the reach of children or others in the home who should not have access to firearms. Gun safes are great for maintaining a secure and protected location to keep your rifles, pistols and any ammunition or accessories.


Firearm safes have been around for many years as one of the most common methods of securing guns within a home or business. In addition to other locking devices, like trigger locks and loading indicators, safes prevent unintentional tampering or access by children by keeping your guns not only out of their sight, but also out of their reach.


In fact, gun safes are one of the best ways to remain in compliance with the law in some states. In Massachusetts, firearms must always be kept in either a sealed and locked container or outfitted with a tamper-resistant locking mechanism, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. In addition, California, Connecticut and New York also mandate locks in certain circumstances, such as during sales or if cohabitating with individuals with a criminal record or history of mental health. Seven other states also require locks in sales situations.


Gun safes also generally are large enough to accommodate any extra ammunition that you may have. While most people think that locking up a gun is sufficient, if a child gets access to live rounds, they may inadvertently set it off, which could result in a tragic accident. Securing your ammunition with your gun keeps them both secure, and offers the added bonus of allowing you to keep everything you need for enjoyment of your firearm in one convenient place.


Many safes are also capable of holding additional paperwork or valuables, making them a great option for keeping treasured items and any important documents for your firearm, your business or even your personal information. Value Safes carries a great selection of Winchester gun safes to keep your firearms. Available in a range of colors, styles and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home. Take a look at our inventory, or give us a call today for more information.



Double up on Safety

Even if you live in a home where no children are present, it is vitally important that you keep your firearms locked away in a fireproof safe at all times. Not only will you keep them safe from unauthorized use, but you will also ensure that they are not damaged. As guns can be quite expensive, this is an excellent way to protect your investment.

Winchester gun safes are probably the most popular around, and there’s a good reason for that. People don’t trust the same brand, year after year, if they’re not getting their money’s worth out of it.

Keep Your Gun Locked Up

While it is certainly your right to own a gun under the Second Amendment, you need to make certain that your firearms are kept locked up and away from children and home invaders. You can make this possible by purchasing a gun safe or a gun vault, such as a Winchester Supreme, or even the Winchester Ranger. There may not be a reason to purchase the absolute top of the line model, but you should certainly make sure that your guns are protected from little hands. Another benefit of a gun safe is that your firearms are protected in the event of a house fire.

Media Safes offer extra protection against Fire

Media safes are to protect your disks audio/video media such as video and cassette tapes from fire and climate fluctuations. Media safes can be more fragile than a paper documents and require additional protection to safe. For media safes the interior temperature should be under 135 degrees and the humidity level below 85 percent. Media safes protect your valuable data from fire, theft or climate changes. Media safes can stand against fire and climate fluctuations to protect your valuable data.

Media safes are need for all business or home office. Security protection for vital information is essential for any business company which incurs fire damage in critical loss of data by not utilizing quality fire and media safes. Your valuable data remains safe with media safes, and it will give your data complete protection.

Cannon Gun Safe model P-22

The below article was written a while back.  Things have changed with Cannon Gun Safes over the last 7 months.  They have changed so much that we have decided to drop the line and no longer sell Cannon Gun Safes of any kind.  I want to believe in the best for Cannon and hope that they are experiencing growth related pains.

However,  based on the pricing, quality, and service from Cannon Gun Safes.  We are no longer finding them to be the best value that they once were.  For what I can sell you anything in their Patriat, Cannon, or Safari line up.  I can sell you a better safe with thicker steel, better lock, and thicker bolts from Diamond Back Gun Safes.   But at almost half the price!

The Diamond Back H Series would compare closest to the Dangerous Game series or the T series from Cannon.  But at a price reflective of the Patriot.  So lets be honest here.  All of the above mentioned safes are made in the SAME factory in China.   So workmanship is going to be very similar.   I can’t in good conciousness represent a manufacturer that has lost control of their expenses, vendor relations (you can no longer get any Cannon with a Sargent & Greenleaf lock), and some of the poorest customer service in the industry.  If you don’t believe me call them and pretend to be a customer with a problem with your safe….see if they call you back. Better yet, see if they answer the phone! 1-800-242-1055 is thier number.

The Cannon Gun Safe model P-22 is second in the Patriot Safe series.   This is a very popular size gun safe for Cannon Safes company.  The box itself is made in China but Cannon Gun Safes puts on the finishing touches.  Because a portion of this is made in China doesn’t mean its a like a Sentry Gun Safe. (Which is the bottom rung on the ladder of safes) This gun safe is one of the median models that are imported.  Cannon Gun Safe also puts their lifetime warrenty against fire and theft on this gun safe.  Which other Gun Safe manufacturers are starting to offer.

Its important to view my other posts on Cannon Gun Safes.  The Patriot series inparticular.  I often ramble about many aspects of safes in a series and their qualities all flow within the series and I try not to bore my readers with repition.

Anyway, the P-22 is a Patriot Gun Safe but several manufactures also produce a “Patriot” named safe. Make sure you are comparing Cannon’s when you are researching gun safes and not the other names.

There are other gun safes that are similar to Cannon Gun safes but there are a few features that the others don’t have.  I have them listed below.  The big feature is in theft protection with the multiple relockers in the safe. Everything else is very similar to other imports but the relocker and warrenty make this a good purchase for my dollars.

  • Fully adjustable design
  • Upholstered finished shelving
  • Upholstered inside walls
  • Fire-resistant—lined with 5/8” fire insulation
  • Massive 1″ steel composite
  • SureFire multiple re-lockers
  • Mechanical Group 2 lock with
    key-locking dial
  • Triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal that expands many times its size when exposed to heat
  • 1″ active locking bolts
  • Extra-hard, 60+ RC hard-plate
  • Truelock internal hinges

Diamond Back Gun Safe GS5930H

Model GS5930H has been recently redesigned by Diamond Back Gun Safes.   The biggest difference on this model is the hinges!   They have chosen to strengthen an area of the safe that is normally neglected and already well built.   Why would they do such a thing you ask?   I’ll tell you.

Good quality safes are made to last 20+ years.   (Don’t get good quality safes confused with Safes you can purchase in Big Box retailers with names like Sentry or worse.   Some generic name that nobody has heard of….) However, the hinges are often the first thing thing to go.   First the door bumps into the wall when trying to close the safe.   Then over the years the top hinge just starts to sag more and more…a lot like the U.S. dollar.   Which hinges  like dollars all like to be strengthend.   So Diamond Back Gun Safes added a super duty hinge to this Gun Vault.   Which moves this gun safe into the “way plus side” of 20 years and more.   So much for the idea of planned obsoletion.

Its important to go over the ingredients on how this model is made.   10 gage steel for body and door.   Place a thick metal plate inside the door, plus hardplate over the lock.   Wow, thats a lot steel!   You normally don’t find safes in this budget range with a fraction of that.   Add to it (10)  1 1/2 inch bolts on the door,hinge side of the door, top, and bottom of door.   With all this steel and bolts making this next to impossible to crow bar open.   (Which I have never heard of a Diamond Back Gun Safe having its door breached).  I should also point out that the Republic Gun Safes are built to this same thickness and are worth a very close look. Republic Gun Safes

Bolts are put on the hinge side of a door just in case someone takes a blow torch or grinder to the hinges and cuts them off.   The door still won’t open.   Granted, I ‘ve never seen this happen before but perhaps it was common before my time.

Did I mention the Group II lock?   Yes, it includes a Sargent & Greenleaf  spring loaded relocker with spyproof dial front.   As a side note, if a safe manufacturer puts on a Sargent & Greenleaf lock they want the safe to last a lifetime.   My local bank even has an old one from the 30’s still in use on their vault.   Amazing to me.   You will often see safes in antique shops with S&G locks from the 90’s…thats 1890’s!   Still in use and most likely never had anything done to them.   Did I mention these were really good locks?   Yes, you can also upgrade your lock to an electronic keypad from LaGard.   Making this a very electronic gun safe.

GS5930H is now larger in size.   But let me tell you how to look at a model number.   GS stands for GUN SAFE. 59 is 59 inches tall. 30 is 30 inches wide.   The depth is what has changed.   It is now 26 inches deep.   Be sure to note these are outside deminsions not inside.

Paint is your basic semi-gloss black with “rain drop” finish.   Not much choice there but VERY easy to repair scratches!   And if you are going to keep it for a lifetime, that’s important.   There are gun safes with high gloss shiney finishes that look great when new.   But like any piece of furniture is going to get scratched.   The high gloss shine on a Cannon Safe or American Security Gun Safe need to be taken to an auto detail or repair shop…..hmmm, sounds costly to me.

Fireproof is for 1 hour.   Which should be enough for any location unless you anticipate a fire caused by accellerants such as gas, fuel, or propane.   This safe has been factory tested in a propane oven at 1250 for 1 hour.   With the internal temp reaching a max of 350 degrees.   According to the fire dept. a normal house fire burns at 950 degrees. So this very good fire protection.

Interior material lining is bit on the sparce side.   Its a durable grade but I certainly wouldn’t call call it a plush or luxery grader liner.   Shelving comes only one way but can be adjusted or removed intirely for those that want to store something other than guns.

If you are looking for a little bit more upscale model at a  better price. I would take a look at the Republic Gun Safe series from Hollon Safe. RG-22 is basically the same size but uses a high gloss finish,  and better electronic keypad lock.  It also uses a higher grade of interior liner which is a major plus. Because you are going to have this safe for decades.  Be sure to take a look at the Republic Gun Safes.  I personally have not seen a comparable safe in quality and style unless it was double or triple the price.

I consider the Diamond Back Gun Safe model GS5930H one of the best priced gun safes on the market. The folks at Diamond Back have really done a great job with this model.   Feel free to leave your opinion if you are an owner.   Also, don’t forget to see my other postings on Diamond Back Gun Safes.

Diamond Back Gun Safes GS5922L

Diamond Back Gun Safes have a model GS5922L that I think is one of the best buys in small gun safes.  For those of you that have never heard of Diamond Back Gun Safes this will be good information for you.  Diamond Back Gun Safe is a division of Cobalt Safes.  Which is a major importer of safes.  Very few safes are actually made in the States anymore.(I know, it makes me sad too)  Until you get to units costing thousands of dollars.  Which this one is considered an excellant medium grade gun safe.  Equiped with drill resistant hard plate, relocker, 30 min fireproof fire rating, (9) 1 inch bolts incased in a 10 gage steel body.  Saaaweeet!  Also meets and far exceeds CDOJ (California Dept of Justice)

Compared to Sentry gun safe or a Honeywell gun safe.  These are truelly a huge cut above and the next step up in quality.   The negative on them is they only come in semi-gloss black.  OR semi-gloss black.  So much for choice.  But the color is very is to repair scratches or blemishes.  Diamond Back Gun Safe can supply a bit of black paint.  But any semi-gloss black paint will do.  Just run by you local automotive parts store and you should find some or even a your local hardware store.  Easy to repair.  Which is important.  We all move at one time or another.  With the average person moving every 7 years. (I  heard that somewhere…)  You are bound to scratch it in your move.  Note: The high gloss finish of a Cannon or American Security do scratch easy and have to be repaired by an automotive repair shop.  That high gloss sure looks good though. 

My estimate on this safe, when its bolted down, is very good against a prybar attack.  10 gage steel just doesn’t bend much and the door thickness will keep a prybar from getting a good grip on it.  So this one is a favorite for the budget minded gun safe person. 

The Diamond Back gun safe model GS5922L does have a slight downside.  That is I wish it came with a Sargent & Greenleaf dial lock.  But instead it only comes with an import lock.  Its not a bad lock, I just really like the S&G locks made in Kentucky.  Now then the H series do have a S&G dial lock on them.  But other than that we got many positive comments on this safe from customers.