Fire proof safe

Honeywell-fire-proof-safeA fire is the worst thing that can happen to your home. It is best to have fire insurance so that you won’t be left at a loss when a fire destroys your home. When a blaze destroys all your property and your home you have to start anew—and that can be really difficult.

It is also important to get a fire proof safe. This would keep your documents and other valuables safe and protected. A safe that is fire proof can usually withstand fire for one hour or more.

Drop Safe SDS-01k and Depository Safe SDS-01c Review

Drop Safe SDS-01k and Depository Safe SDS-01c are the same safe with the difference being how they lock. Both Depository Safes have a B Rating which is important if I’m going to put my money in it.  Also have drill resistant hardplate in the door with 4 holes in the bottom for bolting to the foundation.  Don’t fear bolting down. Its easy and quick to do. I even have a paper on our homepage that tells how I do it.

The big difference is the “K” stands for keys and the “C” stands for Combo.  The key version is just like on a safety deposit box at the bank. It will require two keys. One called a manager key and one called the guard key. 

The safe comes with a mailbox type drop that is armed with anti fish baffle.  They look alot like shark teeth on the inside the safe.  Very good at catching people sticking a coat hanger with something sticky on the end and not letting it go.

These two drop safe models are one of the most popular sizes for drop safes in the industry.  They fit cash drawers very well and hold up against pry bar attacks and burglar attacks with all the endurance of the Everyready battery bunnie.

Best Seller in Depository Safe and Drop Safe SDS-01k

The model SDS-01k and the SDS-01c are the same depository safe.  The “K” stands for key operated and the “C” stands for Dial Combination.  But other than that the bolt work is the same.  The B Rated is the same with 1/4 inch steel walls and a minimum of 1/2 inch steel door. But it doesn’t stop there.

There is also drill resistant hardplate over the lock to protect it from “Expert thieves”.  Which I have never been to a crime scene nor heard of anyone that has had a safe drilled open by a thief!  So my guess is that the hardplate is really there to agravate the locksmiths like myself.   After all that steel you get to the bolt assembly.  Which there are 3 active bolts keeping the door shut and bolts on the hinge side incase the hinges are grinded off. 

The SDS-01c or k are made to resist a crowbar attack much longer than a standard fireproof safe.  So feel comfortable about leaving cash in this drop safe for overnight storage. 

Very popular for small business to medium size business and churchs.  One last item, you can also add an electronic keypad to the Dial Combination model…the SDS-01C….

Drop Safes model DS-1K and DS-1D

Drop Safes model DS-1K and DS-1D is the very same  model.  The name is used generically and made by several manufactures in several countries.  You will see prices on these all over the place.  Best to check the weight and where they are made and the lock.  Ours weighs in at 47 lbs.  Which is a hefty little beast for its size.  It does have anti fish baffel and can be bolted to the floor.  Very popular drop safe in the small range of drop safes.  The DS-1k and the DS-1D are the same safe. The “K” model means it uses keys and the “D” model means it comes with a dial.

Please note that larger drop safes are B Rated but this one is NOT.  The manufacturer does not officially recomend storing of cash in the safe overnight due to it not being B Rated.  However, many folks do just that.  The lock is a standard dual key just like a safety deposit box in the bank.  Also includes 2 mgr keys and 1 guard key.  I recomend ordering an extra gaurd key if you buy this model. That way you have two complete sets of keys.  The DS-1k does need both the guard and mgr key to open.  This adds accountablity to the opening of the safe.  Very important feature when it comes to the prevention of internal theft in any company. See our video on the drop safes page with my demo of how the lock works. DS-1K video and DS-1D and more drop safes.

Drop Safe model DP86K

Drop Safe model DP86k is nice small drop safe for small amounts of cash.  Better and thicker steel than on the SBD models.  Comes with two key lock which means you need both keys to unlock it.  Just like a safe deposit box you will find in a bank. For more information on a two key lock take a look at our video at the top of the page on our “Drop & Depository Safes” page. 

This drop safe is designed to be bolted to a surface.  The holes are on the bottom of the safes surface.  It comes with 2 keys to one lock and one key to the second lock. The first lock is called the managers. The second is called the guard.  You can get duplicate keys made at your local locksmith or order them from our site when you place your order.  Guard keys are always the same key for each safe style.  But manager keys are always different.  They can be rekeyed but it costs more than the typical rekey of a lock.

One thing that the Dp86k is not…is high security.  It is not intended for loads of money to stay in overnight.  Its just small drop safe.  Nothing fancy just effective at adding a layer of security to your business.