Should I Get a Drop Safe?

drop safe

Companies have been using drop safes for years to ensure their monies and investments are protected. The unique feature of a drop safe is that anyone can place things into it but only the person with the key can take them out. Many large corporations use this style of safe to make sure cash registers are not overloaded with cash throughout the day.
In large scale companies, the employees or the managers go to each drawer at regular intervals and collects the cash in the register. Then the collector places the cash in drop bags to place in the drop safe.  This is extremely effective in grocery stores, department stores and even fast food locations. This is why you see signs saying the register only has $50- $100 in it at anytime.  Drop safes make your employees feel more comfortable that they will not be robbed.
If you have a retail business, you should have a drop safe. It protects your business as much as your employees. Have you ever watched the news and watched a story about a person who went to jail for robbing the corner store for $120 or $75 or just a small amount of money? Those corner stores did more business than that that day, but because of a drop safe there was only a small amount of cash in the drawer. Even if the guy did get away with the money, it’s not a huge loss on your end.
Drop safes come in many designs and sizes. We have many drop safes for everyday use. Make sure you are choosing a safe large enough for your business to operate daily but small enough to fit into the space you plan on placing it. Drop safes are a smart decision for any company, big or small. Check out our inventory today!

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Does Your Small Business Need a Drop Safe?

What is the purpose of a drop safe? If you are a new business owner, perhaps running a boutique, a salon, or another small shop, then you might not be aware of the importance of one of these safes. When you have cash on the premises after a few hours, you will want to be able to put that cash into a safe place other than the registers. Thieves will immediately take cash from that location when they rob the store. However, with a drop safe, you will be able to take the extra cash from the register and keep it secure.

Choose the Right Drop Safe for Your Business

A drop safe can be a perfect addition to any small or medium-sized business. When you are considering buying a drop safe for your business, you need to make sure that you are buying the best safe for your needs. Each business is different, and not every safe is going to be a perfect fit. Consider the size of the safe that you need, as well as the location in the store. Make sure that the safe is installed properly as well, as this helps to deter would be thieves. Adding one of these safes to your other security efforts is a great idea.

When to Choose a Depository Safe

A lot of businesses that deal with large amounts of cash will invest in a drop safe or a depository safe to keep the money safe throughout the day. You should especially consider one of these choices if there are several employees that might have access to the cash. There are not many differences between the two, but the depository safe is usually larger and has stronger security features. If you just need to keep cash safe through an evening shift before dropping it all at the bank, then a drop safe will usually cover it. To keep the money safe overnight, though, consider the depository safe.

Protect Your Company’s Cash Reserves

Many companies that employ a fairly large number of employees will invest in a drop safe, such as the Protex FDD3020. These safes are meant to keep small deposits of cash safe throughout an entire shift, and away from the hands of the employees. They have excellent security measures in place, such as penalties for the wrong combination, and spring loaded re-locking mechanisms. Several models even have “shark teeth” near the depository to keep thieves from fishing the money out with their hands or an instrument. Never again will you experience a shortage in your deposit for the day.

Drop Safes Help Prevent Theft

Drop Safes Help Prevent Theft

Your employees can be your biggest liability when it comes to a worrisome economy, low pay, or even personal desperation. No employer can control the factors that influence an employee to steal, and there’s no surefire way to determine which employees are higher risk.


But you can prevent the way they see and handle your money, with drop safes. Drop safes not only make it more difficult for employees to steal, but they send an unspoken message to your team that you don’t take business lightly, and that safety is important to you. An employee who sees security measures in place is less likely to plan a theft than one who watches operations flow by with no protection, and, seemingly, no emotional investment in whether or not a few dollars disappear.


Drop safes allow regular deposits to be put in the safe via a entry-only door. Deposits can be made by virtually anyone, but only someone with the combination can open the safe and remove the contents. For busy cash registers, this means your employees can regularly drop excess cash into the safe before it builds up to too-tempting proportions. Likewise, a register that is regularly emptied is less tempting to an outside thief.


The vast majority of thefts are done as inside jobs, or at the least, by thieves who make themselves familiar with the business before making their move. Drop safes provide an extra level of protection, and in all but the most extreme cases, the only level of protection you’ll need.


A small, one-time investment in a drop safe is infinitely more valuable to your business than an insurance policy that can only attempt to recreate what was lost. Why take the chance on theft in the first place? In some cases, having onsite safes can lower your insurance policy, saving you even more money in the long run. Check out the Drop Safe Sale

Gun Rules You Shouldn’t Forget

fireproof safe

The new shooter is in a great position to learn about gun safety and operation. Those who are new to hunting and shooting haven’t had a chance to develop the bad habits that so many other people have. The first and most important thing to learn about your new firearm is firearm safety. There are five basic rules of firearm safety that all shooters and hunters should know:

1.) Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
2.) Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
3.) Always treat every gun as if it’s loaded.
4.) Always be certain of your target and what’s behind it.
5.) Always wear eye protection.
6.) Always keep your firearm safely stored in a fireproof safe when not using it.

Choosing Between Drop Safes and Depository Safes

If you are in a business that deals with a lot of cash throughout the day, then you will probably benefit greatly from a drop safe or a depository safe. This is especially true if you have several employees that have access to the cash. The differences between the two are minimal, and comprise mainly of size and security. If you intend to remove the money each night to deposit at the bank, a drop safe should be sufficient. For businesses that need to keep the money in house overnight, the depository safe is a better choice.

Hollon Fire and Burlary Safes – Now with Combination locks

Hollon safes primarily only sold safes that had electronic keypads, except for a few drop safes or home fire safes.  They just recently introduced the option to purchase the Hollon Fire and Burglary safes with combination locks.  Some people prefer the dial lock over the electronic version and feel safer having it so they decided to start offering it to their customers.  They will set the combination to the code of your choice so if you want it something special and don’t want to have to pay a lock smith to change it after wards make sure to note it on your order.

This is an excellent expansion of these safes and I’m excited to be able to announce the change.  It will be an option soon offered on the website for a small fee to upgrade to the combination lock.  So you can better understand why there is an extra charge I would like to provide an insight on the safe ordering world.  When the safes are made by the manufacturer overseas they will generally put an electronic lock on the safe at no extra charge but charge more for a combination lock.  It is as if they have accepted the fact that electronic locks are the new most popular lock option so they make it as a standard option.  To those that still want the combination locks they charge a bit more, so it passes on to the consumer.

Depository Safe HDS-2014E

Depository Safe UPDATE.

Depository Safe model HDS-2014E: Is running low in inventory. However, we are offering an extra $30 off for having to wait.  So our new price is $369.00 for HDS-2014E. Please call us to take advantage of this savings. This is a super deal on the depository safe from Hollon Safe. This will be good until June 3, 2010.