How to Maintain and Clean a Gun Safe

gun safe
Anyone who owns a gun of any type knows the importance of having a gun safe. They keep kids away and make it so that no accidents can happen. But did you know it’s important to keep them clean and maintained as well?
To make sure they work properly, here are some great tips on how keep your safe clean and maintained.


  • Make sure you dust your safe once a month. Whether it’s a feather duster or dusting wipes, make sure you do this regularly. If you leave dust on the surface for very long, it can be very hard to get back off and it gets everywhere!

  • Make sure you don’t use metal polishes or solvents. If you use these, you can damage the protective layering that prevents tarnish.

  • Look around at the different surfaces of your safe. Are there scratches or other blemishes? These can easily be taken care of with touch up paint.

  • Make sure to keep your locking bolts well oiled, otherwise they may not work effectively. To do this, add a small amount of grease to the front, side, and bottom of the bolts once a year and this will prevent it from sticking.

  • Also, you should have a certified lock technician look at the lock once a year because they might be able to catch some issues you were not aware of.

  • Lastly, check out the fire seal. If it is not damaged, then there is no work to be done on it. However, if there is any damage like rips, then you need to replace it.

Some of these tips and tricks will work on other safes as well, but it is crucial that you make sure your  gun safe is working properly to ensure people can’t get into it like your kids, and to make sure you can access it in the case of an emergency.

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