Safes Are Keeping Up with Technology

There are many reasons that you should consider purchasing a biometric safe. For one thing, these safes will open with just the touch of a finger, which can save you time. Most importantly, though, is that they are programmed to accept only one fingerprint, which means that you never need to worry that someone will find your combination, or that your passwords are too easy to guess. These safes work on a specific mathematical algorithm, which will recognize only one fingerprint and refuse to open for any other person. Check out the HZ-34, which is perfect for home use.

Advances in Safe Technology

Biometrics are making an appearance in all sorts of technology, from laptops to front entrances of homes and businesses. Enterprising thieves can pick locks or bypass number codes, if they are willing to work long enough. There really is nothing more secure than one fingerprint that opens a safe, or a door, or a computer file. There are no passwords to leave lying around, or safe combinations that might be figured out. One of the most popular biometric safes available is the HZ-30, which opens with the use of one fingerprint, so there is no fear that anyone else will be able to access your important documents or valuables.

Why Choose a Biometric Safe?

A biometric safe will open with just the touch of a finger, so long as it is the right finger. Each safe contains a fingerprint scanner, which means that the ability to open the safe cannot be easily transferred by code, key, or card. Whoever holds the authorization will scan their finger, and the print is then turned into a mathematical algorithm. The safe or vault will then refuse to unlock for any other fingerprint.

There are several different brands that you can consider, so research them all carefully before purchase. One of the most popular for home use is the HZ-34.

Gun safe

AMSEC-gun-safeGun owners must be responsible when caring for and storing their guns. A gun, when in the wrong hands, can result in disaster. There have even been reports of kids playing with a parent’s gun and accidentally pulling the trigger. This can be very dangerous and even fatal.

Every gun owner must have a gun safe. This way, the gun is kept away from the curious hands of children. Thus, a fatal accident is avoided.

Wall Safes keep your stuff out of sight and out of mind!

ws-diy-eclosed.jpgWall safes are easy to hide behind a picture. Wall safes provide security without taking up floor space. Wall safes are also easy to install, concealed wall safe is perfect protection for money, jewelry, irreplaceable valuables, passports and other important papers. Wall safes has lots of verities like hidden wall safe, hidden wall safe are handy because most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. Wall safes will always protect your valuables like documents, petty cash, and much more safe.

Wall safes are like boxes that can be secured against burglars, install into a wall to hide them from casual discovery. Wall safes are considered by many to be more secure than other safes because they require a potential thief not only to break the lock on the safe, but also to discover the location of the safe in the first place.

Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safes are secure and safe for your guns and valuables, it’s like a storage containers which can be prevent unwanted access, theft and damage to firearms. Cannon gun safes are very strong to protect your guns, prized posessions. Cannon gun safes are built strong and because of this it comes with a full lifetime warranty. Cannon gun safes can also be wall mount for better security. Cannon gun safes are secure and come with leading security systems and it is capable to withstanding any intrusion attempt. Cannon gun safes have the various protective features including a double-steel composite door, pre-drilled bottom for securing the safe.

Cannon gun safes also protects from leading fire protection technology for keeping your valuables safe even in the case of a fire. Cannon gun safes give you many options of accessories for safes security and space. Some of the cannon gun safes are already with high security electronic lock, mechanical lock, door panel kit, and gunsaver. 

Security Safe

If you have valuables at home and want to protect them from burglary and fire. The best way to protect them is to have safes at your home to get safe. Security Safe gives you full line of safe and security. Very easily any business can safe its loose cash with an undercounter safes which have varying degrees of burglary and fire protection. Many of the hotels and residential safes gives the great protection to keep your things safe with electronic programmable locks to store especially your credit cards, jewelry, guns, and important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, and credit card information.

If you have a safe you can rest assured that you’re protected & precious commodities from fire. New existing bank, jewelry store, or the home security is priority one. Security Safe can also be installed, modify or expand to meet your needs.

Wall Safe WS-DIY & WS-DIYe

ws-diy-x.jpgWall Safe model WS-DIY is from Fire Fyter Safes. WS-DIYe is the same safe but with an electronic keypad. This is one of the few 1 hour fireproof wall safes on the market.  This first thing you will notice about it is that it has a much deeper depth.  Better find a really good place for it with a lot of available depth. I does come with a good set of instructions on how to install it.

This wall safe comes with mounting brackets and an adjustable shelf.  Mounts flush and is easy to hide with a picture or wall hanging of your choice.

I often get questions regarding if a dial or keypad is better.  Well, there are two points of view.  I have copied a paper from Valuesafes that covers this very well.

Electronic Keypad VS Dial Combinations

Why an electronic keypad?
Convience is the main reason for selecting a LaGard electronic keypad. If you are opening the safe several times a day, this is well worth the money. I have found that if someone doesn’t like the process of dialing the combination then they will quit putting things inside the safe. Thus defeating the purpose of having a safe.Many people ask “Which is a better lock, a dial or an electronic keypad?” Good Question. I have found through experience in safe cracking that both are VERY difficult. Electronic keypads have a 4 consecutive invalid code “lockdown”. This makes the keypad inoperable for 5 minutes. After the end of 5 minutes you get two more tries or it goes back into lockdown for another 5 minutes. Thus virtually eliminating random entry of the code.

“What if the battery goes dead?” There is a battery door compartment on the outside of the keypad. Just open the door and change the 9volt battery. The computer chip maintains the combo at all times and will not default because of no battery.

Here is something else that many don’t consider, changing the code on the keypad. It’s easy and can be done when ever the current code has been compromised. Your safe will come with instructions on how to do this but I have included some general notes below.

Press release for Safes

Below is a press release from Valuesafes. In case you want to read it. It just talks a little about Valuesafes and who they are.  Nothing of grand importance, like SAFES,  just tidbits of info about them. When I started locksmithing I didn’t know anything about Safes but now after so long and seeing so many models…like which always needed repair, which safe keeps out the bad guys and which one only makes you feel secure. opens a new informational blog to help customers understand the importance of choosing the right safe, backing that knowledge up with an impressive selection of safes for all needs.

Corpus Christi, TX (PRWEB) May 15, 2008 — After 10 years as a locksmith, the Value Safes owner has learned more than a little bit about the importance of finding the right safe. “My customers were wanting and needing better advice,” explains the owner, who has owned and operated with his wife Jessica for over 4 years in addition to operating his locksmith business. “They were finding just cheap, bottom-of-the-line safes at department stores, bringing them into our locksmith shops, and saying, ‘I lost the key to this’. I’d literally stick a bobby pin into the slot and pop them open. I’d turn around — we never look into the safe — and say, ‘Please tell me you don’t have money in there’, but people would put ten thousand dollars in there and not even know.”

Protecting one’s valuables is a vital part of personal security, but oftentimes customers don’t even realize the true value of their possessions. “Let’s say you bought a gold necklace ten years ago, and you paid a thousand dollars for it,” he explains, giving a prime example. “The price of gold has gone up three times in ten years, and now it’s a three thousand dollar necklace. Along with the current gold rush is the rush to purchase a safe to put it in! We sell a lot to coin collectors who wake up one day and realize their collection has gotten pretty heavy, and it’s time to bump up and buy a real safe.”

My customers were wanting and needing better advice

Giving people a better selection of safes to choose from became one of his goals, but recently he’s focused on providing them with better information, as well. In opening his new blog at, he is using his experience as a locksmith and seller of safes to match customers with the safe that fits their needs. “There is no Consumer Reports out there that grades safes,” he explains, “so I plan on taking each model number that we carry and basically putting a general rating system on it. This is both the way I see it’s constructed and the comments that my customers leave. Has that particular model of safe ever been broken into? If so, how? What’s the safe’s best use? There are some safes just made for fireproofing or waterproofing, but a waterproof, fireproof safe is not made to keep a burglar out; it’s just made to keep your documents from burning or getting soaked. The customer needs to know that, and I don’t want them to purchase an item thinking they’re getting everything they need if that’s not the safe’s intended purpose.”

Looking out for customers’ needs has always been the Value Safes owner’s priority, and he is hopeful that proper information is the answer. “There’s a lot of confusion out there in the retail market,” he says. “Safes have not been readily available to people, and that limits understanding. At the big box retail stores, people go out and think that all safes are made from plastic because that’s all that is on display. Now, because of the Internet, the customer has a source to go to, and they can get opinions through our blog. I want people to leave opinions; if your safe was broken into, let us know how it was broken into. I want to hear about that.”

Wall Safe SW-1214c

sw-1214c.jpgThe Wall Safe model SW-1214c is good model. Easy to install and hide. Depth is larger than 2×4 stud wall.  So find a deeper spot than normal to install it.  This is not a high security wall safe.  Only the Group II combination lock keeps this safe closed.  It will hold up okay in an attack but not as good as one that is secured with several bolts. See the picture above to see how the locks bolt keeps the door closed. While you are looking at the picture, you will see two holes in the side. That is where you will send two screws through to attach to the studs in the wall. (If it were me, I will drill a third hole in the center so I would have three screws in each stud for extra security)

 This safe is not fireproof.  It is designed to keep your shtuff hidden and out of the hands of thieves.  So find a good hidding place for this safe. Don’t forget your attic, there are many spaces in the attic to attach a wall safe too. I have never heard a home owner complain that a thief took ANYTHING from an attic. It is very inconvient, which makes it a good hiding spot for your wall safe.

  • Hidden hinges
  • (1) Removable shelf
  • 9″ x 9″ door clearance
  • 3/8″ solid steel door
  • 1/16″ solid steel body
  • S & G Group II combination lock

You can purchase this wall safe and other Wall Safes from our friends at ValueSafes.  Feel free to leave your commits or questions here on