Floor Safes model B2500

Floor Safes model B2500 is both a B-Rated floor safe and bigger unit.  Though not as big as the FS-B4 it is just as strong with a triple bolt to seal the door and a drill resistant hardplate over the door.  This floor safe is worth the money and time it will take to install it.  The body is made of 1/4 inch steel and once concreted in place you will have a super good floor safe.

I have pointed out on my other posts but figure I should point  it on this one as well.  To add a longer life to the steel body of the safe.  Be sure to wrap it in a plastic bag or a thick painters drop cloth from the hardware store.  A locksmith friend of mine wraps his in a Hefty Lawn and Leaf bag before he sets it in the ground and adds concrete.  This will protect the steel in safe from moisture and rusting.  Literally adding years of life to your floor safes usability.

I almost forgot to mention the spring loaded hinge in the door for easy opening and closing.  Why the spring loaded hinge? Because of all the steel and hardplate in the door makes the the door very  heavy.  Smaller models don’t have spring loaded hinges and the safe head must be lifted out of the way.  It may not sound like a big deal but wait until you are on your knees in the back of a dark closet.  If its convient you will use the safe. If its a pain in the arse….you won’t use it as much.  These are some real observations on my part.