Stack-On TDS Gun Safes

August 18th, 2009

Stack-On makes an excellent line of gun safes called the TDS (Total Defense Select) line.  All of these gun safes feature UL rated locks, ETL tested fire protection up to 1400° F for 30 minutes and waterproof protection of up to 72 hours in 2 feet of water.  The TDS line also features plate steel construction and convertible interiors allowing for the storage of guns or valuables.  Gun racks are height adjustable to adjust to the length of your guns.  They also feature a handsome high gloss exterior finish and 5 spoke handles.

Locks are UL rated Type 1 electronic or Group 2 3-number combination dial.  They feature a re-locking mechanism which will keep the safes locked even if the lock is removed during a break-in attempt.  The locks are also protected by a hardened drill-resistant steel plate to protect against drilling attempts.

UL classified Gypsum wallboard and Palusol door seals are incorporated into these safes to provide fire and water protection.  They are laboratory tested to ensure compliance and are also California DOJ compliant.  The safes feature 7 large live locking bolts and 3 solid steel dead bolts on the hinge side to provide a total of 10 locking points.

These gun safes have a high-gloss protective finish with screen printing, which makes for an attractive appearance.  The patented gun barrel rests can be installed at different heights to allow for the different lengths of your guns, and the patented standoffs for scoped guns allow for scoped guns to stand upright in the safe without taking up extra space.  These gun safes also feature fully carpeted interiors with adjustable shelves which can be adjusted to meet your storage needs.

For more information on the Stack-On TDS line of safes, along with information on where to buy, visit the Value Safes website.

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