Should I Get a Drop Safe?

September 26th, 2014
drop safe

Companies have been using drop safes for years to ensure their monies and investments are protected. The unique feature of a drop safe is that anyone can place things into it but only the person with the key can take them out. Many large corporations use this style of safe to make sure cash registers are not overloaded with cash throughout the day.
In large scale companies, the employees or the managers go to each drawer at regular intervals and collects the cash in the register. Then the collector places the cash in drop bags to place in the drop safe.  This is extremely effective in grocery stores, department stores and even fast food locations. This is why you see signs saying the register only has $50- $100 in it at anytime.  Drop safes make your employees feel more comfortable that they will not be robbed.
If you have a retail business, you should have a drop safe. It protects your business as much as your employees. Have you ever watched the news and watched a story about a person who went to jail for robbing the corner store for $120 or $75 or just a small amount of money? Those corner stores did more business than that that day, but because of a drop safe there was only a small amount of cash in the drawer. Even if the guy did get away with the money, it’s not a huge loss on your end.
Drop safes come in many designs and sizes. We have many drop safes for everyday use. Make sure you are choosing a safe large enough for your business to operate daily but small enough to fit into the space you plan on placing it. Drop safes are a smart decision for any company, big or small. Check out our inventory today!

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