Should Home Safes be UL Listed?

May 2nd, 2009

Hmmm, good question right?  You will often find that Home Safes are in two catagories. Factory Rated 1 hour fireproof home safes or UL listed 1 hour fireproof home safes.  Factory rated means that the factory has designed the safe for what they think it would take to pass a UL test or had a less reputable testing facility test the safe. 

The guys at Underwriters Labratory are the most abusive on a product.  I have seen some factory rated products pass at half the “factory rated time!”  Such as a 2 hour rated safe lasting for only 1 hour. 

I have also seen some companies that make a fireproof home safe sent to UL for testing then get passed at 1 hour. The design gets sent off to an ultra cheap overseas manufacture facility that cuts corners and doesn’t produce the safe properly so it would never pass the UL test again.  I often find these in the big box retailers.  I challange them to take one off the shelf and get it retested and see if it passes.

Always get the advise of an expert.  Start with your local locksmith and work your way out from there. Remember, even my opinion is just that…an opinion.

Written by zack

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