Sentry Safes Gun Safe model GO135

May 1st, 2008

Sentry Gun Safe model GO135.  Meets CDOJ (California Department of  Justice) standards for a Gun Safe.  Hmmmmm, this an inexpensive unit with NO fireprotection.  Ideal for locking away up to 5 guns to keep the kids out.  Nice high security key for the lock.  It is a pry resistant door but in my personal opinion it will only keep the honest people out.  Give a thief a crowbar and a few minutes…I belive he can get inside without too much effort.  Sentry Safe is really trying to reach the standard of “A Gun Safe for Every Gun in America“.  This is a good thing to have this safe available. It would be rough on everyone if all Gun Safes had a starting price of $1000!

If you are operating on tight budget and need to lock away your guns.  This will do what you need it to do.  I would compare the steel to more like you would find on a gym locker.  This is really a beginner Gun Safe by Sentry Safes. 

You find these located on our Discount Gun Safes page.  I have this page as an accumulation of entry level import Gun Safes.  Many of the Safes on this page are excellant and a very good value for your dollar.  But if you start to get confused and your eyes start rolling back into your head, call us.  I can make it quick and painless on you.  So feel free to visit us at

  • Eight lever security key lock with double-bit key
  • Five long-gun maximum storage capacity
  • Solid steel, pry-resistant door
  • Two steel live-locking bolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • Non Fire Rated

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